Natalie has arrived!

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Natalie has arrived!
Fri, 11-04-2011 - 11:08pm
Hi everyone! Natalie arrived on Thursday - 11/3 at 7:28pm. She is 6lbs5oz and 20 inches long. She is gorgeous! We are so in love with her!

Her arrival was crazy and nothing like what we expected. We had an OB appointment on Wednesday am. At the appointment when the NP was getting ready to check my progress, she noticed, and I felt liquid leaking out of me onto the table. She tested it and it came back negative for being amniotic fluid, but she wanted to make sure all was ok, so she went to the reception desk and made an appointment for us an hr later to get a sonogram at the sonogram place we go. We went to the sonogram and all looked good with Natalie, but my fluid levels were on the low side. They called my NP and she sent us to the hospital.
So we went home, grabbed our bags and went.

Fluid was tested again and came back negative for my water breaking so we thought we were going home. Instead the OB says that since my levels were low and we're so far along that they were going to proceed. Plan was to give me cervadil to ripen my cervix, remove it in 12 hrs then either do another dose or give me pitocin. Not how we planned it, but we were ok with it. The cervadil had to be removed after 9 hrs because it didn't only ripen my cervix .... It put me into labor. The contractions were intense and only 2 minutes apart when I couldn't stand it and asked for something to help and got some Demerol which helped for an hour until the contractions were crazy again for 2 hours and I got an epidural when I was 2cm dilated and 12 hours into this process already. By the late am I was 7cm and doing great, until I was stuck there for a few hours and needed the pitocin. The contractions got brutal at points and my epidural need a "re-boost". After a few hours I finally got to 10 cm and pushed for 2 hours for Natalie to arrive. We were all so happy or her to arrive! DH cut her cord.

Unfortunately we both ended up running a fever... For me during delivery, and for Natalie after. So she was sent to the NICU. I am being sent home tomorrow. We don't know when she comes home yet. Her temp is normal, but her white blood count was elevated so she is being tested for infections and such and being treated with antibiotics. We are hoping for Sunday, which looks like our best case scenario. We have been spending tons of time with her in the NICU and started trying to breast feed today.

I hope to post pics this weekend or early in the week. I don't have my laptop with me to upload pics from my camera.


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Fri, 11-04-2011 - 11:34pm


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Sat, 11-05-2011 - 1:02am

Bree!!! Congratulations!!!! How amazing!!! Sorry she's in the NICU but it sounds like she's in good hands and you'll have her home in no time!!! Thanks for sharing your story!!!

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Sat, 11-05-2011 - 1:06am
Congrats! Can't wait to see pics and hope she gets to come home soon!

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Sat, 11-05-2011 - 8:26am
Congrats!! Hope she comes home soon, cant wait to see pics!


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Sat, 11-05-2011 - 10:33am



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Sat, 11-05-2011 - 3:13pm
Congrats on the arrival of Natalie! Hope she gets out of the NICU soon. Can't wait to see pics :)


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Sat, 11-05-2011 - 5:27pm

Congratulations Bridget!

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Sat, 11-05-2011 - 5:30pm
Welcome to the world Natalie!!! I hope her stay in the NICU is short lived. Congrats Bridget.
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Sat, 11-05-2011 - 8:29pm

Congrats Bridget!!! I hope Natalie gets better and you get to take her home very soon.

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Sat, 11-05-2011 - 11:17pm
Bridget!! I've been thinking about you and hoping all was well. Congrats on your baby girl!! So sorry to hear she's in the NICU. Get some sleep and don't give up on BFing! Can't wait to see pics!