Need Help With First Birthday Party

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Need Help With First Birthday Party
Tue, 09-14-2010 - 9:01am

We are planning a 1st birthday party for David. I can't believe he's going to be 1 in less than 3 months.

We are going to have approx 25-30 people. I am trying to make it as cheap as possible. I was wondering what we should do for food. Here are my two ideas. Get $10.00 pizza's either from Pizza Hut or Papa Johns. The thing is I would probably have to get at least 8 pizzas and that would be $80.00. I was thinking of asking people to donate like $5.00 to the cost but is it rude to put that on the invitation?

Secondly, I thought of asking everyone to bring a dish to share. However I would still have to provide a main dish. I am not sure if I should cook something or just buy. I really don't have any ideas for this one.

I am trying to find something that the kids can eat too. Most of the kids will be David's age or younger (as they are kids from his playdates). I am not sure what he would be eating at a year if it would still be baby food or table food so I can have something that he can eat.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Thu, 09-16-2010 - 10:22pm

Good luck Sandy! I agree with the others that it's tacky to ask for a monetary contribution but a pot luck contribution is reasonable.

I've been thinking about Selin's first birthday and what we'll do since it will be in the middle of winter.

Our house is way too small to have both of our families here so that means either we have to rent space somewhere or hope one of our moms offer to host it (both of their houses are much bigger than ours). My mom has already hosted my baby shower and Selin's christening party and I'd be surprised if my MIL offers to host (although she did host my BIL's DD's first birthday because BIL lives in a condo