September WTTG's Playgroup

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September WTTG's Playgroup
Sun, 09-04-2011 - 9:54am



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Liz - Agh, screaming baby in the backseat! I took the girls out again today to a friend's kids bday party (half an hour drive on freeway) and once again I lucked out and they were quiet or asleep the whole way. I know one day my luck will run out though!

Katie - My girls LOVE the mirror too... I find it strange that they'll be right next to each other, but ignoring each other and both STARING at the babies in the mirror in front of them. lol

Emmy - a goal always helps me too... right now I'm working on our 2011 picture album (I use picaboo to do digital albums every year)... I set a goal to finish a month's worth of pictures at a time and then it doesn't feel so overwhelming. A weight loss goal is always good. I should do that too, lose that last baby weight! :)

Erica - Yah, I'm not loving all the attention that comes with having a baby, especially since it's an extra dose with twins. I'm learning to be more graceful about it though. It would definitely come in handy after a move to a new city though!!

Christine - Glad you were able to get the sitter thing all sorted out! I can't give you much advice on junior highers... back when they let people teach with "emergency credentials" because of the teacher shortage, i taught 7th grade. It was a brief stint because all I could do was laugh at their antics... I was a terrible disciplinarian! Best of luck though!

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Not going to be able to catch up and get to everyone... this thread is busy this month! WTG ladies!

About the screaming in the carseat... OH I FEEL YOU, LADIES! Eliza has H.A.T.E.D. her carseat/riding in the car since the car ride home from the hospital. To this day, she screams and shrieks and whines in her car seat EVERY. DANG. TIME. STILL! The child is almost 2! So yeah, no advice. I hope your babies grow out of it - most do!

Emmy - I'm sorry you aren't feeling very happy in your new city. I can't imagine how hard it is to move away from your family :(. You've gotten some good suggestions so far -- and hopefully being a consultant for Discovery Toys will let you connect with some other moms? Social support is so important in the absence of family... hang in there! And don't feel bad about being sad - even though we love our babies and worked hard to have them, they can't be our everything ALL the time and make us happy ALL of the time. Doesn't mean we don't love and adore them!!

Christine - I'm late saying this but I'm SO sorry Selin's MRSA is causing so many problems with sitters :( That is so sad. Glad you might have a solution worked out in terms of the sitter. About your job - wow, you have a lot of responsibilities! I know teachers always get roped into doing extra stuff for no additional pay... I just can't understand why teachers are so chronically underpaid, it is truly baffling to me... sorry, no advice for 8th graders (although I'm sure that many of my undergrads are about as mature as 8th graders...:))

Erica - Sounds like you guys are settling in nicely in your new town! So glad to hear it. And how great that Jonah is getting better with Charlotte, too.

AFM - Eliza is talking in sentences now and it is so cute! She can usually tell us exactly what she wants or in some cases, what is wrong/what hurts (this part is very handy!). She's really gotten into playing pretend - taking care of her baby dolls and "cooking" for us (which is really exciting to me because we already bought a play kitchen for her birthday). She's using the potty every day, but we're not in full PTing mode yet; I don't think she's emotionally ready and so I don't want to push her or let it become a power struggle.

I'm reading every day but don't always post because my computer time is usually used for school now :( BOO!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler fall weather!

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Hey ladies!! I finally caught up and will attempt personals.

Katie - I am glad you made the trip. We took a trip to Canada when Gabby was about 3 or 4 months and it had gone a lot better than expected. It's amazing how they surprise us. Sorry you had some separation anxiety, but I feel for you. I was there when having to leave Gabby for the first time at daycare..

Ella - Awesome about Eliza using the potty! That's great. Gabby has started to hate her carseat - did you just let Eliza scream??

Christine - I am glad you liked that sitter and that she is able to take Selin! I was worried about you all week on that. And I have no advice on the 8th graders, as I am not a teacher - sorry... GL though and KUP on what you end up doing.

Andi - Gabby has been a pretty horrible sleeper her entire least starting around 4 months or so. I think she did pretty well until she got her ear infections and even before that we weren't able to really get her to sleep in her crib. She slept in her swing, car seat and bouncer until she was 6 or 7 months old. And then we finally got her to sleep in her crib but until about a month ago we were getting up four to five times a night sometimes...

Emmy - I struggle with depression too and have been ever since I was about 1/2 way done with my pregnancy with Gabby. I have been a small dose of anti-depressants ever since. I agree with others though if you can get out and figure out things to do I know that helps. Remind me of where you are? Is it a warmer climate or colder one? If it's in a colder climate maybe you can walk around the mall or something. I know I struggle with the winter too - I have to be careful when it comes to that time. It's actually something that DH and I talked about with a new little one. he works two jobs in the winter and it gets so cold here in MN - how was I going to handle two babies...but I figure I can reach out and my parents might be retired by then so they can come and help as well..HUGS!!!

AFM - I have one week left on my old job and it looks like my transition will be good. I will be able to pretty much start the new job without having to do too much of my old job. I might still have to cover about 25% of my project work until my boss comes back from maternity leave..but that should be doable.

Gabby is sitll consistenly sleeping through the night until about 4 or 5am. I now have a new problem though and thats the fact that when she gets up around 4:30 or later I can't go back to sleep after I am done feeding her. But she is still feeding for like 20 or 25 minutes, so I am pretty sure she wont be giving this one up soon. She is now drinking her whole milk from a sippy cup and pretty much cold now during the day. She still wants to nurse a bit during the day, but that's fine wiht me. She is eating solids like crazy!!! We had Quiona last night and my dad and I didnt like it but she gobbled it down....We went to Menards and Target and she didn't want to be in the cart so it took extra long and we let her walk. she pushed the cart for a bit of it too! She is getting so big...

waving hi to everyone else!!

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Congrats on Gabby STTN, Jess! That must be an amazing feeling. Do you notice Gabby seems different (happier?) because she is better rested?

Re: the car seat. Yes, we do have to let her cry/whine in the backseat -- I'm sort of used to it by this point. I am constantly talking to her, telling her mama is right there, that we're almost there, etc... nothing seems to work when she is really upset though. Sometimes she can be distracted by her favorite CD ("The 123s" by They Might Be Giants) or a board book or her play cell phone or something. I dunno, I don't understand how she is still THIS upset by riding in the car. Maybe it will get better when we flip her to FFing, though I am not willing to do that before she reaches the max weight limit of the seat which is 35 pounds (she's about 31 pounds now). I really hope it is just a phase for Gabby!!!

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Hello ladies, just a few personals from memory...

Christine, sorry about Selin's troubles with the MRSA/daycare.


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congrats on gabbysttn. David was about 14 mos when he did but he is not sleeping well again and getting up at night bc of teething so the past week or so have not been fun. We put him to bed earlier hoping he would sleepbetter. its been taking him 30 min to fall asleep. so hopefully it will get better soon. I will update more tomorrow. I am tired.

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Emmy - We moved because there were just no jobs in Oregon. Rob moved out in August and I followed in November but to be honest could NOT stand my in laws and finally it ended with them telling me to "take the f'ing baby and leave, we don't give an f about the baby" aka MY SON, and threatening to hit me in the middle of the night, so I called the police, packed my bags and flew back to Oregon immediately. I did not come back until we were in our own apartment in April, and I did not see my in laws again until almost May, where my MIL offered what I felt was a sincere apology. I still keep them at arms lengths and would rather be homeless then EVER have to spend another night with them again, but the police haven't been called again so we're doing good right?

So that's why it really upsets me when Rob says it was a mistake to move out here. He put us through hell and missed 7 months of Jensen's life, including his first birthday and xmas, so to here him say it was a waste of time REALLY makes me angry.

I personally don't think it was. He did get a good job out here and we are financially independent now so it was "worth it" as much as it could be. We achieved our main goal of being able to live on our own and support ourselves (where our marriage does best).

Christine - Sorry those brats are being difficult! ;) No advice but I am glad you are liking the rest of it so far!

Jessica - Yay for Gabby STTN!

Ruby - Oh no! I hope Maxim feels better soon! I also hope you start getting the hang of your job soon.

AFM - Not a whole lot going on really. Jensen is really about getting outside as much as possible and I am trying to encourage but honestly I am so big and uncomfortable I can't last too long and Rob comes home so tired from work. We'd take him to the in laws to run around like we used to but the mosquitos are about to die out or hybernate or whatever mosquitos do at the end of summer and they are absolutely horrid right now. You go outside and you come back in with about 10 - 15 attached to you. My MIL is an idiot and slapped one on Jensen, scared him to death and ruined his onesie by getting blood all over it. Told us to bleach it. Awesome except we don't have any and can't afford it until Thursday so by then the stain will have set in. Sigh.

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Cassie- I am glad your job is going well and that

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GRRawr. I was in the middle of my personals when my computer decided it was time to shut down... Awesome. LOL. Anyways, HI to everyone!!!

AFM- It seems like every day Max is able to interact with us more and more and I am loving it. When he smiles my heart just melts. He will be 12 weeks old tomorrow and that just blows my mind. He has started to not quite hate tummy time so much, as I think he finally figured out/ is strong enough to lift his head up enough to look straight and all around for like 5 minutes or so.

On Friday, we started letting him fuss for a few minutes in his crib, then going back and soothing him for his naps. rinse and repeat lol. Today it has only taken one soothing time per nap... Before, if we put him down awake but almost asleep, he would wind himself back up right away. If we put him down already asleep, he would wake up in 10-15 minutes and start screaming. If we held him while he slept, he would still wake up within minutes. Then he would be simply incorrigible because he was only sleeping like a maximum of 15-20 minutes of nap at a time. 2 of his naps today were a little over an hour each and the others were over 30 minutes... I hope it just keeps getting better. He was much happier later in the day today than usual it seemed. At night, I have been putting him in his crib asleep and he will stay asleep usually until like 2 or 3 (sometimes 11, sometimes 4). Then I bring him into the bassinet and the rest of the night is basically a blur for me lol. I am trying to brace myself for the dreaded 3-4 month sleep regression though... Man, what I wouldn't give to sleep for 8 hours straight. hehe.

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Jess – About a month or so ago, Selin has started the “I don’t want to sit in shopping carts anymore” phase, too and it sucks! It is really hit or miss if she’ll sit in it. Yesterday we were out with my mom and she sat happily in her stroller. You’d think she’d be happier being higher up in a cart but noo. Once I had to run to the store after I picked her up from the sitter and she screamed bloody murder when I tried to put her in so I had to push the cart with one hand and carry her with the other hand. People probably were thinking, “why doesn’t she just put her in the cart?” LOL

Ruby – Glad to hear your job is going well but so sorry to hear about Maxim being sick! Hope he’ll be feeling better soon! Are you still able to send him to DC or do you have to keep him home?

Amy – I am so sorry you had to go through all that with your ILs! I must’ve totally missed the part about you and Jensen going back to OR again, or maybe you didn’t post it here. Ugh, you have been through so much hon! Do you guys plan to stay in LA for good? I wouldn’t survive there with the mosquitos – when I get bit, it swells up immediately. I have to carry anti-itch cream with me all summer

Morgan – Thanks for the MRSA info! That’s what my stepdad’s home health nurse told us as well.