OMG - I have to send her here....

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OMG - I have to send her here....
Fri, 04-23-2010 - 4:41pm

So DH and I have started to tour schools, daycares, centers etc for little Peanut. We went to a Montessori school last week, I liked it, DH didn't. We had another one today and have one next week for a center.

We went to this place today it's a school for infants from 6 weeks all the way up to Kindergarten. Their kindergarten program is so much smaller because most kids transfer out after the pre-school program. Anywy....

I AM IN LOVE!! This place is amazing! the learning style is so different. From what I have seen, most places categorize infants as 6 weeks to 15 weeks, this place does it until they are mobile, whether that's crawling, etc. then they move to the Pre-Toddler room, where they move at their own pace from sleeping in the crib, to the cot, cutting out their extra nap, and eating at the big table, so when they move to the toddler room they aren't shocked...and that's how it is through the entire school, adn then the preschool rooms they start to transition them so they can move to a regular class room no problem.

We were there for 2 1/2 hours, the one we went to last week was over and done with in 25 minutes. The people that own the school toured us, and built it because no schools in the area were what they wanted for their child to be.

The kids leave there reading at a 2nd or 3rd grade level, all their teachers have a 4 year degree in education of some sort. They cook all their own food there. Today they were grilling ribs out back and then making pulled pork from it to give to the kids in tacos, or separate depending on the age.

The coolest thing is that throughout all the classrooms the kids move on to the next one when they are ready. There is curriculum to follow, but they take into account their age, their emotional ability for things and their mental ability for things.

It's within a 1/2 mile of our house, technically within walking distance for us, but not for the little one :) It's clean, it's safe and amazing.I am just in awe (If you can't tell by now).

BUT it's the most expensive place, it's $340 a week for the infant and drops only to $320 a week for the toddler room...Other prices in our area are $220 in home. The Montessori school we went to was $290 a week, But the other centers we were looking at are $319 and $309, so not TOO far off, but still this place is a lot more money.

Here are my concerns
1. Am I already starting to be one of those parents that wants so much more for their kid - and is it too much?

2. Am I going to be one of those parents that pushes their child so much in academics (enrolling them in a school before they can walk or talk) so that they do well later on and is that too much?

3. Am I spending too much money on a program that might not have the added benefits, even though it makes me feel really comfortable?

I know it's not just about money, I knwo that I want to put my child in a place where I feel the most comfortable, and I knwo they will be safe. So far both the places we have gone too will allow my child to grow and learn, be safe. But I feel more comfortable with this more expensive one....OH the decisions!!

We don't even know if we can get in there yet. there is a waiting list and their waiting list is strange because of the way the school is set up. So while we might not get in November, or now even, we might be able to get in 6 months or a year from hard to decide.

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Fri, 04-23-2010 - 6:13pm

That's really exciting!

I'd say that if you can slow down and think about whether or not you are pushing too hard, then you probably aren't.

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Fri, 04-23-2010 - 6:37pm

I don't think giving the best to your child is ever a wrong thing. Yes, pushing them too hard isn't good, but putting them in a good school doesn't automatically mean you'll do that.

I figure if you can comfortably afford it and are comfortable with the way they do things (i.e. think of the possibility of your child not progressing as quickly as other children - not to say that would happen, but it's a possibility), then go for it. Definitely look at some other places though, and take time to make your decision.

If worse comes to worse and your child doesn't thrive in or like the atmosphere, you can always move them.

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