Pregnancy Chat -- August

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Pregnancy Chat -- August
Fri, 07-30-2010 - 4:53pm



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So, I never realized that impatience was a pregnancy symptom, but it must be.

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x-posted from my blog- The hunt for an OB

It took me 3 tries to find an RE that I was happy with. Hopefully the search for OB won't take as long. However, the first one is out and appointment number two is on the books for a few weeks from now. I'm thinking about scheduling a 3rd appointment now, just to be safe.

OB #1 was literally over 75 years old and couldn't hear what I was saying more than half the time. He didn't know how to date the pregnancy based on the egg retrieval, so it was a good thing I knew when to say my LMP was so that it was dated right, and asked when the embryos were implanted. I told him that REs haven't found a way to implant embryos into the uterine wall, but two were transferred on 6/29. The office staff was rude and disorganized, and the lady answering phones complained and talked about each call out loud to herself or the waiting room or whoever. I pretty much left there in tears.

I called OB #2 and got the soonest appointment I could make. They use a different perinatologist than the other one, so I now have two peri appointments for first trimester screenings. I need to cancel one of them. I'm thinking of calling OB #3 and making an appointment as a new patient and asking who they use for their peri. If it's one of the two people I have appts. with, I'll keep whichever one it is. Peri #2 has some not so hot ratings on various websites, but peri #1 doesn't. I just don't know. OB #3 who I'd call has TONS of fantastic ratings-- in fact, I didn't see any negative. OB #2 reviews mentioned a dry sense of humor and that he sometimes seemed abrupt.




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Leona - sending you some patience (all that I can spare at least as people are also driving me nutty). And some 3rd trimester energy so you can get stuff done before the baby comes.

Emmy - Do you have anyone that can make an OB referral for you? I have had the best of luck finding doctors through referral. But while you wait to get into to see OB#2 I would look around for OB#3 and set that up... you can always cancel appointments as needed.

AFM - we went to a semi-destination (2 hours away) wedding this weekend.... I need to remember I am PG for the next 2 weddings we go to this fall. My eating and sleeping got all screwed up (we missed lunch driving down, ate at 2, and dinner was served at 8:30pm)... the bed was so hard and my hips were both killing me this morning... I feel hung over and I only had 2 sodas!!! I must bring snacks with me, and get in naps when possible for the next 2. And for what we are paying per night for the hotel in DC the bed better be soft!!!!


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Alrighty. So sorry I've been so absent this month--we've had computer issues and I spent a few weeks in serious nesting mode. Anyway, here's my catch-up personals. I'll update more about me later. I hope everyone is well.

Devin--"I don't think I could do a cleanse, and I don't even like sweets. I just like heavy foods too much ... chicken, potatoes, chilli cheese fries ... yum. I hope its not to hard for you and your sisters! I can't wait to hear how it goes!"

It went really well actually. As I predicted, there were a few spats and tears about two days in, as everyone was dealing with coming off of sugar and gluten (picture the emotions/agitation with quitting smoking cigarettes or another addiction), but after that, it was really good. We all noticed a much higher sensitivity to sugar and caffeine when we started eating it again, so I think it worked really well, and I noticed that the baby was much "quieter" during that week so I definitely felt like he reacts a lot to the sugar.

I think it was good for me in general to reset my body's reaction to sugar especially--I have my GTT on Thursday and I was thinking of it during this cleanse. I actually think it made a big difference.

Cheryl--When I start the September thread, I will try to remember to change your ticker to March 10th. Remind me if I forget to do it.

Sorry the MS is getting to you. Maybe it means this one is a little lady! That is awesome that Luke is such a great sleeper, you are really lucky!

Lisa--I'm so glad things seem to be going well and you decided to jump in here. :-D

Emmy--I'm so thrilled for you that your little bean looks healthy and your RE released you. I remember feeling like it was such a milestone to "graduate" from my RE. ;-)

Sorry about the nausea but it really does seem to get better for most people by 12/13 weeks so hopefully you won't have much or any time with the kids and nausea at the same time.

I hope your search for an OB ends soon. We met with several midwives before we found ours and I'm SO glad we didn't "settle". Spend the time to find someone you love--you'll be glad that you did.

Alyssa--Woohoo on the new car! I know you've been thinking/considering for awhile but it sounds (from your excitement) that you are making the right decision. Can't wait to hear how it is!

"I’m now measuring 32 weeks :( :( Last time I was measuring 3 weeks ahead, now I’m measuring 6 weeks ahead. She wants me to do the GD test, and also get another u/s done before my next m/w appointment. I’m really hoping this is just what my body is like, and that there are no serious issues. I’m really worried about it though."

(((HUGS))) I hope everything turned out/turns out okay!! I think it is a good sign that your weight gain slowed down, I gained nearly 10 pounds two months in a row . . . I'm hoping its not because of GD. :-/

And yeah, we are in the 3T! Technically it starts at 26 weeks, 5 days. Isn't it crazy? Time seems to fly and drag at the same time (anyone else feel like that?)!

That is exciting you got to see him again and he was moving around in there! I think we're going to go for a 3D u/s around 33 weeks because I just can't wait to see what he looks like! It seems like ages since our anatomy u/s at 18 weeks.

Sarah--Yay for a healthy baby! I was LOLing about the phrase "dildo cam" but it definitely encompasses my feelings about the vaginal u/s wand, LOL!

Hopefully the traveling and your brother's wedding went well! How exciting that your sister is pregnant and your babies will be so close in age! Aww.

Liz--I hope your house gets organized before the baby arrives! ~~Late baby vibes~~ coming at you!

The cradle sounds SO precious! I love heirloom items as well. :-)

Kate--Yay for making the announcement at work! That is so awesome! I definitely felt a sense of relief when we let the cat out of the bag--I felt like I was constantly hiding when it was a secret.

"DH has this "dealing with pregnant wife book", that actually suggested keeping paper cups in the car for bathroom emergencies. I can't imagine having to go that bad and not having a bathroom around. I would rather squat on the side of the road."


Leona--So awesome that baby went head down. Little James has been transverse (sideways) the entire time so I have been starting to get a little nervous about when he will turn--but if your LO did, hopefully he will, too!

Sorry that you are having expectant anxiety. I was having a lot of that, too, but after our cleanse week, drinking caffeinated tea was SUPER effective in motivating me and I got a ton of cleaning done, so I feel way more ready now. Is there anyone that can come help you? My parents are coming the weekend of September 11th/12th. My Mom is going to help me clean up and organize inside, and my Dad is going to help James clean and organize the garage and basement, so I think that will be really helpful.

Jess/Mary/Erin/Kass--Congrats on Mommydom, and beautiful, healthy babies!

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