Pregnancy Chat - AUGUST

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Pregnancy Chat - AUGUST
Mon, 07-30-2012 - 10:10pm

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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 9:28am
E--Good grief. What was up with the receptionist?! Is this an office you've dealt with before, or a new one? I would seriously consider not going there. I can't stand rude people.

Ash--You're more patient than me. I'm already getting the comments about being huge and due soon. I just told Sean last weekend after I left a guy speechless at Blockbuster that I'm going to start answering "Last week" when people ask when the baby's coming.

Jess--Yep, chocolate will cause heartburn. Too bad it's so good, right?

AFM--Holy Braxton Hicks! I have yet to hit the 4-6 an hour so that I have to call, but it's been close several times in the last week or so. Sunday night, I was really starting to wonder. And throw in the occasional painful one. Two more months.

The pain in my stomach is apparently just loose ligaments, but it isn't RLP. It starts with activity and then hurts for several hours afterwards. After walking the dog, I immediately strip off my shirt, because the material rubbing makes it worse. According to my midwife, there's really nothing I can do except really strengthen my core after baby is here. Figures.
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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 10:23am
E- I agree with everyone here- I would switch doctors as soon as possible. There is just no reason to be treated like that! I also switched doctors really late (over 30 weeks) just because I couldn't stand the wait times or the nurses and office staff (the doctor was fine).

Liz- Haha, I had to do that last time with Teddy and everyone would just look at me like I could give birth at any second LOL. I'm so sorry there is nothing you can do about the terrible pain from the loose ligaments!

Jess- Sorry the heartburn is so bad, mine hasn't been as bad this pregnancy but tums and milk always helped me enough so I could still eat all the things I love :smileyhappy:
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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 12:37pm
Ash, I hear what you are saying about not being able to keep up with your little man! I had really great, easy pregnancies, but at the end of my second and third, I hated feeling like I couldn't really get down and play and just be physcial and NORMAL with my kids. Even reading stories in bed with them was so uncomfortable. I was SO ready to be done...especially with Charlotte's pregnancy.
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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 3:00pm

Ash- I feel for you ! From the pictures I've seen of you (and you look gorgeous BTW), both you and I tend to "make" extra big bellies, and for some reason people get really freaked by them! LOL! Like they feel you could explode or something. I got all those comments by random strangers, but also by close friends... basically everyone that saw me!!

And I totally relate with the discomfort. I remember at my 37w. appt. with Julia, I was so annoyed with the summer, my body and the world in general... I wanted to cry and told the Dr. that he needed to schedule an induction because I refused to be pregnant another week! He just laughed at me and said "not going to happen for three more weeks", and I just could have punched him!! LOL!! Luckily for me, Julia was born the next day!

Anyways, hang in there!!! I hope it isn't too much longer!


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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 7:13pm

E - I echo all the other ladies' sentiments. If the reception staff at your practice doesn't straighten up FAST, I'd be out of there. No matter how awesome the doctor, you're going to be dealing with the other staff in the office a lot while pregnant. The last thing you need if you're having any concerns (or....pregnancy paranoia freakouts!!) is someone being a big jerk to you.

I've been the paranoid pregnant lady a few times this pregnancy and was always, ALWAYS treated really nicely by the receptionist taking the call & the nurse who called me back. When you're hormonal and upset about spotting or cramping or weird pressure or who knows what else, the last thing you need is someone making you feel worse because they're brushing you off or being rude.

It sucks that you like the doctor so much though! Honestly, you should say something to her about how you've been treated so far.


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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 11:20pm

Congrats Ruby, Amy and Erin on your BFPs! Your tickers have been added.

Erin - I agree with the others and would switch if you don't get a satisfactory answer from your doctor. I switched providers at 31 weeks and it was the best decision I ever made! I LOVE my new MW. :-D

And as for M/S, for me it started around 6 weeks and lasted until 13/14 weeks I think. But it varies for every woman. I never threw up (except for when I was in labor - yuck!) but was extremely nauseous. Snacking constantly was the only thing that helped me keep nausea at bay.

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Wed, 08-08-2012 - 1:52am
Mari- Thanks for your nice comment! :smileyhappy: Yeah I think it totally is because the belly sticks out so much in front and I remember before I got pregnant thinking the pictures from last pregnancy looked kind of crazy but I just don't understand the need to ask me about it. Just comment about it to your friend and keep walking LOL. A woman I know yesterday asked me if it was uncomfortable- I was very polite but come on, what do you think it is like to have a basketball sized baby sticking to your stomach?

I'm not sure when the birth will start but I do know I feel a lot more pressure and am a lot more uncomfortable then with Teddy. Hopefully this little boy doesn't want me to hold on too long. Thankfully if the pain gets to be too much I'll be allowed to schedule an induction anytime although I wouldn't consider that until a few days before the 27th so at least two more long weeks... :smileyhappy:
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Wed, 08-08-2012 - 6:04am

E- I think symptoms vary from woman to woman. With David I wasn't sick at all and so far with this one I"m not either. My only symptoms with David were tired, going to the bathroom constantly, sore breasts and eating a lot more. With this one I am eating even more than with David. I'm not as tired though still have sore breasts however I do have horrible heartburn at times. However I'll take it over morning sickness. I feel fortunate not to be sick with David and so far this time. i still don't feel in the clear yet I figure if I make it to 9-10 weeks then I probably won't. Anyway I hopefully you won't be too bad. I was scared with this one after I ad such an easy pregnancy with David as they say they can be totally different. But so far it hasn't been too bad either.


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Wed, 08-08-2012 - 7:55am
E - You sound like me during the early stages of both my PGs, with a total lack of symptoms. Keeping my fingers crossed you have a very boring pregnancy... and remember only 50% of women get MS, so there is a really good chance you can avoid it.
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Wed, 08-08-2012 - 10:18am

Oh ladies, I'm SO behind!!  I have been reading and trying to keep up with the thread, I just hate responding on my phone.  I was swamped at work, then we were on vacation most of last week, then spend most of this week trying to catch up from being off!

Adrienne - sorry about the hot weather.  I hope it's cooling down by you!!  It's FINALLY comfortable here today!

Amy - you've been quiet.  Everything okay??

Erin - So excited for you!  I still want to call you E :smileyhappy:  I'm sorry about all the drama with your doctor's office.  That would be so frustrating!!!  I hope you get it all figured out soon!  As far as symptoms, try not to worry about it too much (I know, easier said than done!).  Everybody is different, and every pregnancy is different.  I was way more sick this time than I was with DS, and I've had friends that have felt great the entire time.  DH's cousin once told me whe never would have known she was pregnant because she felt so great the whole time (jerk :smileyhappy: )  So, I say embrace the feeling!!

Cheryl - did you get your glucose test results back?  Everything come back alright?

Jess - yay for a break in the heat!!  It's finally comfortable here too and I'm loving it!!  I love how baby moves when Gabby talks to her.  This one is just the opposite, she'll move like crazy then when DH or DS try to feel her she stops!

Sandy - boooo for heartburn!!!

Jules - so sorry about the kidney infection!!!  Yuck!  Glad you're starting to feel better!

Ruby - Maxim's shirt sounds super cute!!  Do you know when you plan on telling?

Ash - I'm so sorry about the comments.  I swear, some people just don't have a filter!!  I think you look great!!  I also think since you're such a little thing and you carry ALL in front that you would be uncomfortable, but I would never say that to a stranger's face!  The end is in sight, soon you will be a family of four!!  Gosh, it seems like you just got your BFP!

Liz - sorry about the loose ligaments.  That sounds so uncomfortable :smileysad:

Jamie - hope you're doing well!  Is your shower coming up soon?

Hope I didn't miss anybody, we've really grown!!!

AFM - I've also started braston hicks already.  They started with DS this early, too.  Obviously not a big deal, just uncomfortable and annoying.  I have glucose test tomorrow (ick).  Other than that, everything is going just swell.  Going to try to get started on her room soon!!  Hopefully, anyway!

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