Pregnancy Chat - AUGUST

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Pregnancy Chat - AUGUST
Mon, 07-30-2012 - 10:10pm

Please let me know if your tickers need to be updated! - Christine


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Jules - November 24th, 2012 - TEAM PINK!

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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 10:32pm

Erin- How did it go telling your parents? I can't even believe how awful the staff at your drs office has been, in just getting you an apt. How hard is to just call someone back and schedule them an apt. Jeesh.

Jess- Love your 25 week pic. Gabby is adorable, and you look fantastic!

Sandy- What did you find out about DH's job?

Ash- How was your pedicure/facial?

AFM- I haven't heard back from the doctor about my glucose test, so I am assuming that is good news. I really can't believe I am 27 weeks already. I still have a lot of stuff that I want to get done before the baby comes, and hopefully before I get to hugely uncomfortable.

I just started selling It Works! products. I think that I am going to get some the stretch mark cream for me, I can't wait until I am not PG/BF and then I can use the wraps. I have friends who have had amazing results. If you want to check the products out go here: Still looking for my first customer :smileyhappy:

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Erin- Glad telling the families went well.

Well DH's call went pretty good They aren't going to just leave him on the street. They gave him numbers and salary and pretty much we would go broke if we moved from what they are offering.  Between selling a house, the loss of my income from my job and what they would be paying him in either market. And some of them the cost of living is more than here so they would have to pay way more.  They are going to give it to him in writing but it's looking like we are staying here. So he's been applying for jobs and networking with everyone possible so we know something will come along evenually. And they aren't getting rid of him becuase of performance issues. I guess they just want to shake the place up but as they said they won't throw him on the street. But we don't know how much longer he'll be at his job. So hoping he can find something fairly soon so he can just leave.

Last night I found out Dh's cousin is pregnant. For those who don't know her twin sister's daughter and David are 3 days apart. Her daughter and David are 6 weeks apart. so now she is due March 16th and I'm due the 23rd. I'm not mad or anything about it but it's kind of weird how it happened twice. I keep wondering if her twin sister will now announce she is pregnant in the next few weeks. We aren't announcing until I have my next appointment. My dad asked me last night.  i think he's getting anxious to tell people.We did the same thing with David, waited until we heard the h/b with the doppler and then told everyone.

Next weekend isn't looking good for the waterpark either. Highs in the low 70's. The hot summer we had I guess I should have gone a few weeks ago but who knew. So we are going to try the next weekend and if it's still too cold we'll go to an indoor waterpark since I promised David. I wouldn't have said anything if I would have known the weather was going to get cool all of a sudden.




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Mon, 08-13-2012 - 8:51am
E - sounds glad telling the parents went well. Congrats!
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Tue, 08-14-2012 - 12:34am

Elyse--I just read your birth announcement, sounds like everything went great!  I SO relate to the end-of-pregnancy misery--and not liking pregnancy in general.  I had a pretty "easy" pregnancy with Jamey but that doesn't mean I really liked it any more.  I just don't like being pregnant in general and the end is particularly bad for me.  Now at 28 weeks I'm already getting to the point where I'm not comfortable no matter what I do.  I have no freaking clue how I'm going to last 12 more weeks . . . ahhhhh.   Anyway YAY for you being done and welcoming your little boy!  I'm jealous I can't wait for the pregnancy to be over at this point.  LOL

Ash--As you can read in my sentiments above, I freaking HOPE you are right and that you go early!!  I hope I go early too!  But just knowing myself I doubt that will happen.  I'm sure Julien will torture me right up to and past my due date.  I certainly hope that isn't the case with you and that you are right!  I've started to wear my maternity support belt a lot more often now---it helps some but . . . I'm already dreading the next 3 months.  Sorry to be a huge complainer, people.

Ugh just read about how people are starting to make annoying comments to you and you are feeling crappy.  That is the worst.  Like you don't feel bad enough without everyone rubbing it in that your due date isn't here already LOL.  Anyway I SO RELATE---I am so so sorry that you have such discomfort, I am SO jealous of those people that are bouncing blushing Moms to be right up to 42 weeks or whatever.  I dunno what kind of uteruses or babies they have but I want one like that.

I think part of it might be a combo of being tall and thin and having big babies--I have a long torso, even, but I was 125 lbs and 5'8" when I got pregnant--nothing is going to make it easy to suddenly have a 30 lbs uterus hanging off of my body!  That is like a quarter of my body weight.  OUCH OUCH OUCH.  I'm sure this is true for you or even more so, I think you are even thinner than me and Teddy was bigger than Jamey.   IT IS NOT OKAY.  LOL   (((HUGS))) At least you only have about a week to go now.

Jamie--That is awesome that you'll be getting so much help postpartum!  That makes such a huge difference in how women feel after birth, I think.   I am jealous of you that your Mom lives so close!  Hehe

That is SO cute that DH is getting so excited!   OMG adorable.  I hope your baby shower is awesome!!!

CassieJune--Nursing through pregnancy has gone smoother than I would have thought, actually!  Jamey was never a big comfort nurser and I was REALLY worried that he would wean when the milk dried up but he has continued on!  The biggest problem for us was that I had awful morning sickness in the beginning so at that point I seriously cut him down, mostly to just twice a day (from like 5-6 times a day)---in the morning and before nap.  I had milk through the first tri but it was totally dried up by the second trimester.   I haven't had too much nipple pain--here and there for a week or two but then it is fine again.  Only 12 weeks left to tandem!  Hehe.  

How is it going for you so far?

Oh man sorry that you were so sick for so long!  One thing after the other, huh?  Hopefully you are feeling better by now!

Amy:  OMG congrats!!  You are the most fertile person EVER I cannot IMAGINE being pregnant with twins under one but more power to you, girl!  I hope you have an easy first trimester!!!

Jessica:  I'm sorry your remodel is so stressful---I can't imagine having so much up in the air while pregnant---it's so against the nesting instinct to have your home all discombobulated, I so feel for you!  Hopefully it is finished quickly!

That is so cute about little girl being a mover!  I'm getting painfully kicked in the ribs myself as we speak!  hehe. Makes sleeping fun, doesn't it?  ;-)

Jules:  OMG I am laughing at "pregnancy treating you like a bad dog"  I AM SO WITH YOU!!  Everyone always talks like: "Sleep while you can" and "enjoy the time while you have it"  but seriously I would rather go through the 0-3 month phase like 3 times and skip pregnancy altogether if I had the option.  I sleep better on 4-6 hours of sleep with a tiny newborn than I sleep with 12 hours of bad uncomfortable sleep while pregnant.  I'm glad I'm not the only one in a complaining mood.  LOL

Sandy--Congrats on a good u/s and telling your family!  That is fun.

Erin--Congrats and welcome to the thread!  Seems like a lot of BFP's are popping up recently!  Yay!!  Usually a doctor will do a dating u/s and/or confirm the heartbeat at some time during the first tri so you will already have an u/s pic by 12/13 weeks.  I know for us, we don't do the screening tests but I want to see the heartbeat ASAP since I've had m/c's before, and my doc/midwife has always accommodated me.  

Wow sorry your doc's office is being such a pain!   A lot of people end up finding a new doc/midwife after they get pregnant because the person you've been okay with doing your yearly paps is NOT always someone you want delievering your baby or treating you while pregnant!   Don't be afraid to shop around if you continue to have a bad feeling about your doc/their office!

As far as "when do symptoms start"--it sounds like you are right on with the bigger boobs and hungry and crampy . . . some people/pregnancies have a lot of first tri symptoms and some have way less.  I always get REALLY tired but that doesn't usually start until 5.5-6 weeks.  With this pregnancy I started vomiting constantly around 5 weeks but didn't throw up once with DS and wasn't even really nauseous until closer to 6 weeks.  The first couple weeks is often pretty mellow and you just feel like like you might get your period any second---that is a sure pregnancy symptom, LOL!

Sorry that things are tough with your job---I hope she doesn't give you a hard time about your time off.  :/

Cheryl--I am so with you on the back/leg pain while sleeping.  My body pillow and a lot of other pillows are my best friends.  I HAVE to sleep with a pillow between my knees, under my belly, and sometimes wedged under behind my back or hips....eughh fun times.

Ruby--woohoo for getting pregnant on the second cycle!!  As I just mentioned to Cheryl, LOL, in those exact words, how funny, yes my body pillow is my best friend too!  LOL

LOL about telling your hairdresser heheh

Liz--Sorry that you, too, are starting to get uncomfortable and that ligament pain does not sound fun.  We could be two peas in a pod though I've been living in my sports bra and little cotton shorts.  That is like my summer pregnancy uniform.  I've even become totally shameless and sometimes go out into my (totally open to the neighbors and road traffic) yard in this outfit....whatever it's the same areas a bathing suit would cover, I'm over it.

Two more months!!

Shawn--I hope your glucose test went well!  I feel you on the BH . . . I noticed them pretty much right away this time around and it's only more uncomfortable as he gets bigger!!

Good luck on the nursery, I would love to see pics!!

AFM--Okay I didn't quite make it to the end of the thread but I'm darn close!

As you can tell from my personals I'm starting to get uncomfortable and whiny.  The end of pregnancy is basically like torture for me--by the end my entire body hurts 24/7 no matter what I do and it's already getting like that.  It's making me dream about maybe going early but  . . . doubtful.  Little Jude is getting REALLY active with butt in my ribs and kicking me painfully . . . and I'm already feeling pressure in my cervix... I mean, SERIOUSLY I HAVE ALMOST THREE MONTHS LEFT!!   Already?!  Really already?!

One plus is that I don't have heartburn yet or I'm just starting to feel little twinges.  WIth Jamey I had heartburn from like 24 weeks so I'm already a month past that, maybe I can avoid it awhile longer!  


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Jessica--OMG that picture is SO cute.  You look great and Gabby is SO SO cute I love the pose and the pigtails!

Sandy--I haven't been following the post about your hubby's job but I remember you talking about it a bit on this thread.  I hope he can just keep his regular job and everything works out okay.  I would downright refuse to move when pregnant so I'm totally with you on that.

Your day with David sounds really fun!   I have to admit I am jealous of you feeling cold...LOL

That is cool that David will have a cousin close in age again!  The same thing happened to me--when we got pregnant with Jamey we'd been trying for 3 years--my cousin got pregnant a few months later who had only been trying for a few months, and my other cousins girlfriend got pregnant at almost the same exact time and they were not trying AT ALL.  Now this time around, my cousin is pregnant once again only a few months after me and this time they were not trying AT ALL, and my OTHER cousin just got married and his wife basically told us at the wedding that they'll be TTCing right away so I'm waiting for an annoucement from her any time!  I love it, it's so cool to have cousins close in age--I got to have that when I was growing up and glad my kids are getting it, too!

Shawn--Sorry about the anemia--iron supplements don't treat me very well either.  If you've never heard of "Smooth Move Tea" it's one of the traditional medicinal brands and it's my life-saver for pregnancy ..  . . 

Ash--I like your due date strategy, that is smart.   Depending on how this one goes for me I might have to use that next time.  Jamey was only 3 days late and it seemed like people couldn't believe I was still pregnant when it's actually SO NORMAL to be a couple days late--he was on time, really!  There's no oven timer where at exactly 40 weeks the buzzer buzzes and you take the baby out!  LOL

Erin--I'm glad you figured stuff out with your time off.  That is so stressful to have to ask for time off, especially with a new job . . . (((HUGS)))  And WTH with your doc's office!?  You better have heard from them by NOW!

That is awesome that your parents and in-laws were so happy!!  I love telling, it's SO fun.  I know a lot of people who tell parents sooner but wait to tell "the world" until after the first tri!  It's good to have your parents' support if you have morning sickness or need any extra help in the first tri!  

Cheryl--Congrats on your new business venture!!  I tried to follow the link you posted but couldn't get through for some reason... and yes it is crazy we are getting into the third trimester now!!  I have a ton of stuff left on my "to-do" list as well.  Ahhh!

AFM--Okay I am finally caught up!!  Yay!

I have started to get a few things done that I wanted/needed to get done before baby comes.  Two things that have been on our list since Jamey's pregnancy:  --Do a will and --Get life insurance for DH.   DH has been working pretty deligently on these things and we are getting done with them almost, yay.

Another thing we recently finished was I got a minivan!!  And DH got my Prius, and we sold his Subaru to my sister and she's giving her old Volvo to our youngest sister.  It was car dominoes, LOL.  Anyway I have really been wanting a minivan since the belly got bigger and it's harder and harder to lean over to take Jamey in and out of the Prius.  Plus I really like the space in the minivan--I don't feel cramped with the stroller and all the stuff anymore, it is awesome.

It's a 2002 Honda Odyssey that we bought through a guy off of Craig's list.  140K miles which is less than my DH put on his Subaru in half as many years!  Recently rebuilt transmission--it is in good shape and I really like the way it drives!  

DH is excited to be driving the Prius now, too, we figured out we might save as much as 100 dollars a month on gas because the Prius will make his 35 minute commute a lot less expensive!  And my sister is SERIOUSLY UPGRADING by getting DH's Subaru because her old Volvo is like about to fall apart.  And my youngest sister will appreciate the piece of crap Volvo because she had NO car before and is stuck living at home with my parents and has been sharing a car with them to get to work.  Not fun.  So everyone gets a new car and is happy, yay!!

So I'm finally starting to feel like we are addressing a few things!  I also pulled down the smallest baby clothes and smallest cloth diapers from the attic so that I can look through them and have them on hand.  My sister is going to help me soon to tie-dye some of the stained shirts and things so that it will be cute and fresh for lil Julien!  That will be fun!


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Wed, 08-15-2012 - 6:05am

Adrienne- My DH is going to have to find a new job but they aren't going to kick him out at his current job. And it's not his job performance. There are other internal issues. He was saying that his boss may not have his job by the end of the year.

My DH's cousin I guess has been trying since December according to my MIL. It's just too bad that they live 2.5 hrs away from us and we don't get to see them very often. His only cousin who lives in town has a daughter David's age but won't get together as she thinks she's better than everyone else. It's a shame but oh well. I've tried to ask her several times and she's always pushed me away so I give up.

Ruby- can't believe your pants don't fit already. I have some bloat but my pants are still fitting. Now my shirts are another story. Anything that is tight I look like I ate too much and I'm fat. So I pulled out the shirts not maternity but they are a size bigger so I don't look so fat until I actually start showing. I so hate this fat stage.  Sorry you are not feeling well. I just can't stop eating. I feel like I'm going to gain a ton of weight but I had this last time with David as well. I feel lucky that I don't really feel sick other than heartburn somedays but after awhile I get so sick and tired of eating I don't know what to have anymore.

I have to go in for my first work meeting since getting pg on the 30th. My next appointment is the next day. I'm not planning on announcing at work unless it's obvious and I don't think I'll be showing that much in 2 weeks but we shall see.  I didn't want to tell my boss until around 12-14 weeks.



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Sandy and Ruby - my pants stopped fitting EARLY this time. I guess some of that has to do with it being my 3rd. I was in maternity pants before the end of the first tri. I just went with it.

Adrienne - I love that you are tie dyeing some of your shirts for Julien! What a great idea!! I also have a mini-van and I love it. LOVE. IT. I don't know how we'd get around without the extra space.

Ash - Just tell everyone that comments on your belly that you have a life-threatening disease called "hair trigger temper!" I think you look adorbs and I can't believe you are ALMOST THERE!!!

My preggo brain just crapped out on any more personals. Sorry. I really do read about all of you guys!

AFM - I am feeling MUCH better after getting rid of whatever was kicking me in the kidneys. The doc is about 90% convinced that I actually passed a stone (ack) and that led to the infection or something. I sort of glazed over on him at my appointment this week. I am still dealing with plenty of extra water retention thanks to this lovely dry Texas heat, so that is no fun. But, I'm able to get some things done without much discomfort and we're getting into full on baby mode around here. Well - I am. DH is disconnected. I think a great deal of it is his father's passing and stress from work and the remodel. We have been struggling to really connect in a meaningful way lately. I'm hoping that rights itself quickly. He told me he wanted to get a sitter next week and get out for the evening. So, hopefully he'll unload a little bit of what is going on with him then.

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Erin- Congratulations on telling your parents!! Isn't it fun having family so excited for you?

Jules- Kidney stone?! How awful, at least it is gone now. I hope your date night next weeks helps you reconnect with the hubby :smileyhappy:

Sandy- I'm glad that so far you aren't having any real morning sickness.

Ruby- Sorry you are feeling awful- for me it hit really early this time as well. Your plans for the baby's room sound awesome you will have to post a picture when the paint and carpet is in.

Adrienne- Congrats on the minivan!! I bet it is nice to have so much extra space. We have a station wagon and I can't imagine not having that extra space for strollers, groceries, etc. I'm sorry that you are already feeling so miserable. I tried not to let it get to me when I knew there were still a few months to go, but sometimes that is easier said then done :smileyvery-happy:

Cheryl- It Works! products seem great, I hope you sell to your first customer soon :smileyhappy: I can't believe you are 27 weeks either, wow!

AFM- My weekend was fantastic. The pedicure and facial were really amazing and just pure pampering. I'll be making another appt for after the birth. Then Saturday night DH and I went out till 1 am- which I wasn't sure I could still do but in fact we could have stayed out longer it was just our first time using a new babysitter and I didn't want her to have to stay too late. Now this week I have managed to completely "finish" everything I wanted to get done. All the wash is done, house is clean, plans for where Teddy will stay during the birth are finalized, bags are packed, we were at an information appt for a kindergarten we are considering (here kindergarten is where kids go from ages 3-5), and overall I just feel at peace with everything, so hopefully baby will be making an appearance soon. I still feel very optimistic about it I have been having lots of false starts and just have been feeling a lot of different things which lead me to think that baby will not be overstaying his welcome :smileyvery-happy:


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Ash- It's funny. I didn't get sick with David either but sometimes I wish I would have a few more symptoms. My lack of symptoms make me concerned there is something wrong but everytime I go in everything's fine. I have had consiptation/gas the past day or so and wish it would go away. It started as cramping but I knew it wasn't stretching becuase it didn't feel like that kind of cramping.  I had some prunes yesterday hoping that will help. I"m getting ansy about wanting to tell already. We are waiting to the next appointment to make it public if all goes fine but since I will be almost 10 weeks I am thinking there is a chance we won't hear the h/b on the doppler and maybe we'll have to wait until my next appt unless she brings me in sooner if they can't hear it. I know sometimes they can't hear until 12 weeks. We'll have to see how it goes and what we decide to do.

Adrienne- Congrats on the mini van. We are going to get one eventually but now with my husband's job that will be put on hold until he finds a new job. We have two small cars right now and when we go to my parents it's hard to fit all of us in there and if we add another baby to it there is going to be even less room. So hopefully we'll have one before I have this baby in March.



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Ash - OOOH!  You're SOOO close!  I'm so exctied for you!  Sounds like you've got everything ready.  Can't wait to hear about that little one's arrival.  Hopefully sooner rather than later!

Erica - just wanted to mention how freakin' adorable your kids are.  Love the picture in your siggy :smileyhappy:

Erin - So flad it went well telling the parents, such a fun time!!  And I'm happy you finally have an appointment!!!  9/4 will be here before you know it!  I know you're not getting as much time as you like with your step children, but try to enjoy it!  I'm sure it will be great!

Sandy - that's a bummer about the water park.  It has finally cooled down here as well, and I've got to tell you, I am not complaining :smileyhappy:  However, I would be bummed like you if I had waterpark plans and they fell through after this unbearably hot summer!  Taking him to an indoor park sounds like a great idea, though!

Cheryl - did you ever hear back about your glucose test?  I would concur, no news is probably good news!  I know a few people around here that sell It Works! and I've heard good things about it!

Adrienne - I'm sorry you're starting to get uncomfortable :smileysad:  No matter how wonderful pregnancy is the end is just plain hard!!  I forget, did Jamey arrive late?  Maybe the second one will surprise you :smileyhappy:  I feel you about the vehicle situation.  I have a small car (Cavalier) and it drives me crazy! I had thought about getting a new one, but after the bills we had from my d&c (grrrr) we decided to wait for a while, so I will just have to deal!  DH drives a SUV though, so we tend to take that if we're going somewhere as a family.

Ruby - I'm sorry you're starting to feel crappy :smileysad:  Sounds like the new MW is very nice, though!  How exciting to be starting on the nursery!  I was the same way with this pregnancy with my pants.  The bloating was so bad int he beginning everything was tight.  I was lucky enough that it was still somewhat cool out so I could still get away with lightweight sweaters to hide it a bit.  I hate the "fat" phase.  It's so uncomfortable and you feel like everybody else notices! 

Jules - so glad you're feeling better!  That sounds just awful!  I'm sorry DH is feeling a bit disconnected.  I think a date night is a great idea for you two!

AFM - Not too much going on...general late second trimester discomforts.  Starting to get leg cramps at night and my hips still get sore when I sleep.  I have noticed the last couple days that my fingers and toes feel a little "tight."  Really hope I'm not starting to swell already!!  So far the iron supplements haven't been too bad.  I know I'm supposed to take them on an empty stomach so I take it when I get up in the morning and it does make me nauseous.  I usually wait about 20 minutes then eat something and within an hour I usually feel a bit better.

We moved the bed out of the spare room last weekend so I can finally get started on her room.  Still have to move the computer and clean out the closet (I've basically been using it as storage).  Then I can hopefully start painting. I'm not much of a "girly girl" so I'm trying to make the nursery "girly" without being pink :smileytongue:  It's going to be chocolate brown, a light aqua color and a light orange (I want it more of a coral, but I'm having a hard time matching things).  They may also be a little bit of magenta.  I basically bought a rug that I really liked at T.J. Maxx and have been going off of that.

I can't believe we only have three months to go!  I'm hoping to get some more done this weekend.  I really don't want to feel rushed getting it done, and I don't want to be big as a house when I'm trying to finish it!  I was reading my "week 25" update last night and realized that this is going very quickly!  While there are technically 15 weeks left, my c-section is scheduled for 38w5d, so really I have a just over 13 weeks to go.  YIKES!

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