Pregnancy Chat - NOVEMBER

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Pregnancy Chat - NOVEMBER
Tue, 10-30-2012 - 9:51pm

Em - November 26th, 2012- TEAM PINK!


Sandy - March 23rd, 2013 - TEAM PINK!


Cassie/CJ (cassiejune) - March 29th, 2013 - TEAM PINK!

pregnancy due date

Ruby - April 13th, 2013 - TEAM PINK!


Erin/"E" - April 15th, 2013 - TEAM BLUE!

pregnancy calendar

Ella - May 24th, 2013 - TEAM YELLOW! 

pregnancy week by week

Suzie - May 29th, 2013 - TEAM YELLOW!

pregnancy calendar

Mandy - June 2nd, 2013 - TEAM YELLOW!


Christine - July 8th, 2013 - TEAM YELLOW!

pregnancy week by week

Alyssa - July 9th, 2013 - TEAM YELLOW!


Cassie (squeaker02) - July 9th, 2013 - TEAM YELLOW!



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Tue, 11-13-2012 - 7:43am

Ruby - Congrats on the girl!!

Christine - I'm all about Mexican food when I'm pregnant too. 

Alyssa & Cassie - I hope m/s stays away for the most part

Cheryl - fingers crossed that your baby comes very soon.  Were your other 2 early or late?

Shawn - My emotions are all over the place too these days

Jules & Jess - Fingers crossed for babies very soon for you guys too

AFM - Heading off to my 38 week check up in a bit.  I have DS home from daycare because we are meeting up with my BFF and her DD at an indoor playground later.  DS is thrilled that he gets to come to the "baby Dr" with me because they have this really cool toy kitchen in the waiting room.  I'm still feeling pretty good, just tired.  Now that N is feeling better I've gotten a lot of organnizing done and I feel much better prepared.


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Mon, 11-12-2012 - 3:39pm

Cheryl -- I hope you not being on the FB group that means you are in having the baby. thinking of you~!~!

Jules - I am doing the baby dance for you, like I said you need to do one for me.

Waving hi to everyone else.

AFM - I had my last appointment today. I am still at 3cm so no change and she said I was still "thick". So we have the eviction scheduled for Thursday night to start the ripening and then hopefully friday having our baby girl. This is what happened with Gabby too, I went in on a Monday night and then had her by 12:30 Tuesday morning, so I am hoping for a repeat, but I guess we will find out. My parents are going to come and spend the night on Thursday while we are at the hospital and bring Gabby to daycare and then stay with her after until my IL's can come and then they will stay with her until Saturday so Mike can be in the hospital with me. If I have her before noon, then we will be out on Saturday, if I have her after noon then I will be out on we will just see how things go.

I am sort of glad she isn't here even though I am uncomfortable - because we are meeting with sub contractors, filing complaints and meeting with the lawyer tomorrow and wednesday. So it would be nice to be able to wrap up some of that stuff before she actually comes, but I would honestly rather her come on her own then be evicted but Gabby had to be so I am sure her sister will be the same way :)

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Mon, 11-12-2012 - 9:54am

Ruby – congrats on team pink!!!!

Christine – I swear that wait until the first appointment always feels like an eternity!  Not a bad move moving to the mat pants.  They’re way more comfortable!

Alyssa – glad your nausea isn’t as bad this time.  I hope it stays that way for you!  Good luck on your next beta check.

Cassie – It’s hard not to read into not having symptoms (especially after a m/c) but the fact that you feel sick if you don’t eat normally is a “good” sign.  I think sometimes people have more symptoms than they realize.  And remember, people can have very little to no symptoms at all and still have great, healthy pregnancies.  Hang in there!

Cheryl – Oh no!  I was hoping to not see this update from you!  Hope baby decides to come very, very soon!!

Sandy – glad you’re feeling well!

Erin – So exciting!!!!!  Can’t wait to hear!!!

AFM – this is my last Monday at work until February 11th.  EEEEEEE!!!!!  Can’t believe I’m on my last week of work and baby is coming next week!!  My emotions/hormones are ALL over the place.  I ran errands by myself yesterday and teared up on the way home thinking about how everything is about to change.  I know it’s definitely a good change, but it’s scary at the same time.  AND…still undecided on her name.  Looks like at this point we’re waiting until she arrives!  At least we’ve agreed on two so we are not starting from scratch….


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Mon, 11-12-2012 - 8:02am

Jules - I hope your doctors appointment went well on Thursday. Baby fall out yet? ;) I hope your doctor didn't get punched in the throat! You crack me up.

Shawn - I'm already stressing about getting my work covered while I'm out. I have to type up instructions for every little thing I ever do, and then in March I will have to train someone, yikes.

Ruby - Congrats on the baby GIRL!! That's awesome :) Were you surprised with the change to your due date? I'm wondering if mine will be changed after my first ultrasound.

Christine - 2 jobs, pregnant, already mom to one, you're obviously superwoman so no wonder you're tired! :) I have been hungry non-stop too! It does sound much better than being sick.

Alyssa - yay for more good betas!

Cassie - I'm 18 weeks now and most of the time I've had no symptoms and easily forget I'm pregnant. Everythting with me and the baby is perfectly fine and healthy.

Cheryl - hope that sweet baby comes soon!!

AFM - We find out the sex this week (hopefully!)!! Friday at 7 am! I hope this week flys by super fast. I'm so excited. If it's a boy we have serious work to do regarding names. If it's a girl we are set. Either way, we will go to Target Friday once we know and buy our first baby item or outfit.:) I can't wait.
 Hope everyone has a nice Monday!


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Sun, 11-11-2012 - 7:58pm

Well now I can finally read threads on my phone but I can't post. So frustrating still. No wonder I am not on here much and I"m on FB way more.

Anyway...I had lack of symptoms both pregnancies. I had no morning sickness with either and one was a boy and this one is a girl. So I know I worried too especilaly the first time. Maybe I just have easy pregnancies and I'm just lucky. But then I had a colicky baby after my easy pregnancy. Hoping that doesn't happen again this time too.

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Sun, 11-11-2012 - 4:08pm

Cassie - I also worry what's going on when I have a lack of symptoms. I know I'm not as queasy this time around, and I wonder if that "means" something. It's a tough road, sometimes. (((hugs))) to you and hang in there! Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself sane.

Cheryl - I hope the baby will come soon!!

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Sat, 11-10-2012 - 11:28pm
Still here, and still pregnant.
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Sat, 11-10-2012 - 11:21pm

Name/SO Name: Cheryl/ Kevin

How many weeks are you? 40 weeks, 2 days

Any exciting dates/appointments this month? Hopefully a baby sometime in the near future

Do you feel like you will go early or late? Late :)

How are you feeling physically? Crappy, sore, uncomfortable

How are you feeling emotionally? Miserable. I can go to happy to a hormonal mess in a matter of seconds.

What's on your to-do list to get ready for baby this month? Just waiting for baby.

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Sat, 11-10-2012 - 7:17pm

Ruby, congrats on the girl. 

Christine and Alyssa, I go back and forth. I am not quite 6 weeks yet. I just tired but not extreamly. My main  issue is if I don't eat normally I get the sick feeling. Otherwise, sometimes I still forget I am prego so I hope that doesn't mean I'm not. Test have still been strong +. 

AFM, my mom knows. She asked me the other day if I was possibly pregnant again and I couldn't lie to her. 



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Sat, 11-10-2012 - 1:13pm

Ruby - Aw, a girl!! Congrats!! How exciting :)

Christine - I'm feeling like I'll need to move to maternity pants pretty soon too. I have a couple "regular" pairs that are fairly stretchy, so I'm hoping they'll last a little while yet. I do feel like my belly is already starting to show, and I'm only one day ahead of you! Glad that you're not feeling nauseous yet (and hopefully it stays that way!).

AFM - I'm also more hungry than queasy this time around, although I get random bouts throughout the day - thankfully NOTHING like I had with Evan (so far, anyway). I'm super tired in the evenings - it's been hard to stay awake past 9pm - and my mood swings are starting to get worse (poor DH!).

My doctor was happy with my doubling betas, but she wants me to get them tested AGAIN this week. I was tempted to say no, but I think I'll do it one more time. After that, forget it! There's no reason for it and it just stresses me out.

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