Pregnancy Chat - NOVEMBER

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Pregnancy Chat - NOVEMBER
Tue, 10-30-2012 - 9:51pm

Em - November 26th, 2012- TEAM PINK!


Sandy - March 23rd, 2013 - TEAM PINK!


Cassie/CJ (cassiejune) - March 29th, 2013 - TEAM PINK!

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Ruby - April 13th, 2013 - TEAM PINK!


Erin/"E" - April 15th, 2013 - TEAM BLUE!

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Ella - May 24th, 2013 - TEAM YELLOW! 

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Suzie - May 29th, 2013 - TEAM YELLOW!

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Mandy - June 2nd, 2013 - TEAM YELLOW!


Christine - July 8th, 2013 - TEAM YELLOW!

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Alyssa - July 9th, 2013 - TEAM YELLOW!


Cassie (squeaker02) - July 9th, 2013 - TEAM YELLOW!



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Thu, 11-22-2012 - 3:01pm

Alison – Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am somewhat jealous of ladies like you who have been absolutely set on your children’s name from a young age:). Carys is a beautiful name. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with there being more than one “Jack” in a family, as long as they aren’t close in age and growing up close together. But Jake is very nice, too! I hope you’re feeling well today. As for announcing to family when you’re 9 or 10 weeks pregnant, it’s quite a personal choice. For this pregnancy, we told our moms only when I was in the first trimester, then shared the news more broadly when I was well into the second trimester. Okay – I just read the part about it taking you 34 months to conceive. Wow, super, extra congratulations!!! I think your to-do list is great: Grow Baby:). The rest is details:).

Cassie – I wasn’t around when you got your BFP, so: Congratulations on your pregnancy! I’m sorry to hear that the morning ickyness has set in. I know exactly what you mean about always having to make sure you eat enough but never too much. Blech! I hope that you get some good rest this weekend. (Oh, and LOL at your DH’s nickname for the babe:)).

Erin – Wow, it’s amazing that your in-laws are moving just to be closer to you and involved in the baby’s life! I’m sure they will be a great help and play a very special role in your little one’s life:). Enjoy browsing for nursery ideas! I’ve been doing a lot of that myself:). Have you looked on the Baby Super Mall website? Ack – I just read your post about some of your family (and even a co-worker?!?) being disappointed that you’re having a boy. What a bunch of hoey! (More on my baby gender journey on my post to Alyssa, below…) Okay – now I just read about your ultrasound day:). I’m glad it was such a special experience for you and that you’ve been having some fun shopping, since:). I can relate to you worrying about how to be a good mommy to a boy. I don’t think the part about worrying about being a good mom ever goes away, but I honestly think that in the first year or so, there’s virtually no difference between caring for a baby boy versus a baby girl (except probably how you dress them…and caring for the diaper area). And as they get older, we’ll see what our child’s individual interests and talents are, regardless of their gender.

Sandy – It looks like we’re on Team Pink, together! I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling run down from the return to working and commuting:(. I hope you get time to relax this weekend, despite the travel. (PS, good for you for already going through David’s baby clothes and seeing what you can sell. I was just thinking about going through Ben’s baby stuff and seeing what will work for Baby Girl and what to do with the rest. Are you guys 100% sure that this will be your last baby?)

Mandy – Yay for a Christmas gender reveal! I’m sure it will be very special:). Does Izzie happen to have any opinions on whether the baby will be a boy or girl? (Benjamin still insists that the baby in my tummy is a boy, but the ultrasound technician disagreed:)). Oh, and yay for getting your BP down to a good range and hearing little babe’s HB on Doppler. Great stuff:).

Em – I hope you enjoyed the Santa Claus Parade! I think we’ll be taking up that tradition, next year:).

Alyssa – I’m so very sorry to hear about your SIL’s pregnancy loss. How tragic:(. I’m also sorry to hear that you’re struggling with “all day sickness.” I’ve definitely been there. For this pregnancy, I’m taking Diclectin and it has helped a lot. I hope that you get some relief.

Christine – Congratulations on your pregnancy! Yay! Sorry to hear about the morning/all day sickness, though. Blech. I can relate to needing to eat so that you won’t get too sick, but not really being interested in anything. I hope your morning cracker routine continues to make it manageable. (Oh, and if you have a minute and aren’t totally wiped out by m/s, you could add me to Team Pink anytime:).) Oh – and a question, did you end up weaning Selin/has she weaned herself? I am still nursing Benjamin but cut back on the number and length of feeds a while ago, due to nipple soreness.

Jennifer – Congratulations! It sounds like your babies will be 3 years apart? Hopefully that’s a good spacing – it’s almost exactly what we will have:). It must have been great to see the HB on ultrasound, already. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Shawn – I hope you’re feeling well as you head into your last days of pregnancy and prepare for the birth. Be well and try to get some rest and do some things you enjoy:).

On the gender disappointment issue – I agree think it’s so much about expectations/how you imagine your life with a baby and child will be. When I found out that Benjamin (our first baby) would be a boy, there were a few days when I looked longingly at baby girl clothes and nursery items and for quite a while I wondered if I would ever have a girl, and if I would be sad if I didn’t. Then Ben was born, and I was so in love with my baby boy that I told DH (and truly felt) “I think I was meant to be the mommy of boys!” Fast forward to two weeks ago, and we found out this baby will be a girl. My initial reaction was “yay!” but I had twinges of sadness for a couple days, as I had to let go of the idea of raising brothers, dressing another baby in all of the favourite clothes I had for Benjamin, etc. I found it pretty interesting that I could feel some “gender disappointment” both when finding out that I was having a boy and finding out that I’m having a girl.

Wow, I certainly missed a lot of BFPs – not to mention two births! So much excitement around here:). I promise to try to be a more regular poster – I love the genuine support and “sisterhood” of this board.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US!

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Thu, 11-22-2012 - 10:08am

Mandy - aww, sorry to hear you're emotional. :( Hope the 'break' is doing you well!!

Alyssa - I'm sure you're right, whatever the gender is we will start picturing him/her and it'll all feel perfect!

Sandy - hope you have a great time in Ohio with the fam!!

Erin - Wow, that is SO amazing of your in-laws!!!! What an incredible experience that'll be for your kids!! And I am kinda obsessed with names, haha. I've had my daughter's name picked out since I was 16 and haven't budged - luckily DH agrees. :) Boy is trickier, we had a hard time deciding between 2. So girl is Carys __ Angela (the blank is DH's choice, right now he's leaning toward Olivia, and Angela is for my Granny Angie) and boy is Jackson Alexander (our first date was the Colin Farrell movie). But DH has a cousin Jack (who lives in the States and his immediate family has only met once in his 20 year life) and that's the only reason we'll change to our second pick, Jake. But we like Jake only, not Jacob - but my great-grandfather was Jacob (technically Yakim in Ukrainian, same thing), so maybe. What are your decisions??

Cassie J - congrats on Team Pink!!! Sounds like you're doing well!!

Cassie - I'm LOL at the Fireball! That's awesome!! :D Sorry you're feeling sick though. :(

AFM - Still feel the same. I'm crossing my fingers I don't get nauseous at a lunch meeting I have today. Also.... DH is SET on announcing to his family at Christmastime. I'd be 9/10 weeks. Too soon?????

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans. :)

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Wed, 11-21-2012 - 3:19pm

Erin - I loved our pack and play. We actually ended up with two of them. We had one that set up in the living room that had the changing table and such so we used it alot for naps and other things. The second one was smaller and just the play pen itself to take when we traveled as we had a dog that went with us to. I think they are wonderful and you can move them so baby can be close to where you are. 

Cassie June- Congrats on the baby girl! 

Hello to everyone else! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

AFM, morning ickyness kicked in. I can't over eat or under eat otherwise I am feeling like crud. I remember feeling icky with Simon but I don't think it was this bad. My husband has been calling baby, "fireball" since he things we concived in front of the wood pellet stove. Which, I told him we are setting ourselves up using a nickname like that. LoL All I want to do is sleep because my stomach doesn't hurt and I'm exhuasted! I am considering going home an hour early today even though its a holiday week and I won't get any OT just to take a nap! Is that bad? 



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Wed, 11-21-2012 - 12:19pm

Name: Cassie/CJ

How many weeks: 21

Exciting dates/appointments: We've had our exciting appointment! Just the standard stuff on the horizon, now.

Going early or late: I really have no idea, but I would be nice if she were born in March, so that she would share her birth month with Daddy, just like my son and I share a birth month. (EDD is March 29.)

Feeling physically: Not bad, overall. This weekend I clued into the fact that the reason I often feel sick/nauseous on the days I have off work is that I get busy and don't think about eating (whereas at work, I have my food for the day on hand and can easily graze). So, I'm working on that, and on getting to bed at a decent hour so that I'm not as tired in the mornings.

Feeling emotionally: Good! I had a bit of a rough day Benjamin the other day, but overall I'm content and just trying to remember to make time for DH and keeping in touch wuth friends.

Baby to-do list: I'd like to settle on a bedding set for the new nursery and, from there, pick a paint colour(s). In a couple of weeks, I have to go for my glucose tolerance test.

Gender: It's a GIRL! We had our ultrasound less than two weeks ago. I'm still wrapping my head around it, since I'm so used to the idea of caring for a boy baby, but I have enjoyed shopping for a few girlie clothes:). So, we are offically on Team Pink! (Which seems to be the trend on this thread, broken only by Erin:).)

I'm sorry that I haven't been around, much. I was really busy for a couple weeks, and then I found ivillage was being a real pain. One fun thing I have to share: one thing keeping me busy has been training to be a "breastfeeding buddy" as part of a mother-to-mother support program run by the local public health department. I'm hoping it will be a great volunteer experience.

Take care everyone! I look forward to catching up with how you are all doing:).

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Wed, 11-21-2012 - 11:58am
I used a pack and play a LOT! They normally have a bassinet top part thing. And I used that for keeping her close while she slept in the living room. Some also have changng tables on there. And I loved that too. As she got older we took is with us for overnighter s and it acted as a crib. She used it al the way up unti this spring when she was 2 1/2, :-)

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Wed, 11-21-2012 - 8:10am

Alison - isn't it so fun to have someone confirm your pregnancy even though you already knew you were pregnant? :) I want to hear your names!! I have loved talking names so much, I think we have our nailed down too.

Mandy - enjoy your break from DD!

Alyssa - that's what I had been doing, imagining life with a little girl. I'm coming around though. I think when we start decorating the nursery in a few months and accumulating more boy stuff it will start to get easier.

Sandy - glad you were able to get on for a few minutes. Good luck with your next appointment on Monday, mine is on Wednesday! :)

AFM - I might be late for work today because I'm googling nursery ideas! hehe I also just don't want to go beacuse it's the day before Thanksgiving and it's going to be soooo slow at work. We should get out by 1 pm which will be great. An old co worker called me this morning and said she wants to give me a pack and play (used) today, isn't that nice? I hope I like it. Do you BTDT moms use pack and plays a lot?
I hope everyone has a really nice Thanksgiving. After work today I need to run to the grocery store, do some cooking and do a lot of cleaning. We are having Thanksgiving at my parents, and then my in-laws will be here later in the day to stay the weekend with us. They are HOUSE SHOPPING this weekend. They put their home in TN up for sale and it sold in ONE WEEK. They have to be out by January 6. They are moving to VA just to be with us and help with the baby, isn't that amazing? DH works in retail so he will be gone most of the weekend due to Black Friday, so it will just be pregnant me entertaining the in-laws in our small apartment and helping them find a house! Eeek! Wish me luck! :)


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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 9:07pm

I wanted to get on here since I hardly do anymore and hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. We are headed to Ohio after I get off work to see the family. We weren't going to this year but they guilted us into coming.  Anyway I try to read on my phone but I'm still having issues and you have to go all the way to the end of the thread. it's still not like the old thread where it will show which ones aren't read and I can't post on there at all so I pretty much don't get on here much anymore. Plus with me working and having to commute again I'm just dead tired by evening I just want to go to bed.

Amanda- Good luck with your gender reveal. I honestly had no idea what this one was going to be. I knew David was a boy but this one had no clue. DH kept saying girl so he was obviously right.

I have my next appt on Monday. I'm still surprised how small I am I know I was so much bigger with David at this point. Which is funny I heard usually you show more with your second. I'm thinking she's going to be pretty small. David was 8lb 6oz so by the end I was huge.I'm finally starting to feel movements but not as much as I thought either. But I know it can be the way the baby is positioned, how much you weighed before, ect how soon you feel movement. I just thought I would feel it sooner second time around. My DH finally did feel her so I'm guessing soon I will be feeling them on a regular basis.

David Nicholas 12/5/09
Expecting a GIRL 3/23/13

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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 8:20pm
On the gender disappointment topic: last time, we were both convinced that we were having a girl. When they said boy, I was so disappointed - I even cried that night! It was mostly because I had been picturing our life with a little girl, so I had to completely change my thoughts. But, after 1-2 days and starting to picture our life with a little boy, I was over the moon :) Now I have a hard time picturing if our 2nd will be a girl! Like someone else said (Mandy I think?) I'm trying not to get too attached to one gender or the other this time, so we don't set ourselves up for disappointment like last time.

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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 7:02pm
Awsome!! Glad your appt went so well! :-) And what a great lunch date with DH. I have been sooo hormonal lately! :-( So emotional. Ugh. My mom took my daughter for the next 2 days so that will be a nice break and I have tomorrow off unexpected.

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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 3:11pm

Erin - right!!! Sorry! I'm with you both on the disappointment. My MIL is dying for a grand-daughter and I know she'll be frustrated if it's yet another boy. And oh gosh, I hadn't even thought about "imagining" yet!!!!

Mandy - thanks!! What perfect timing for your u/s!!! I have always wanted to do a Christmas announcement so I'm SUPER jealous!! (Actually DH still wants to but I'd only be 10 weeks... so I dunno...)

AFM - I actually got in to see my regular doctor today! I did a urine test and they confirmed it was positive. :D They actually had a med student sit with us first and give us the news. When my doc came in she was really happy for us!! So that was nice. We went out for lunch to celebrate and just talked everything baby. :) We also confirmed the names last night!! I know it's still SO early but I can't help it!!!!!!