Planning for maternity leave

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Planning for maternity leave
Wed, 02-22-2012 - 11:14pm

Just curious if anyone has had a pre-TTC chat with their employer about maternity leave, or if any of the teachers on the board here know anyone in a similar situation as me (read below).

DH and I keep going back and forth on when we should start TTC #2 because I have no idea how long of a maternity leave my principal will approve. I am the only person who teaches my classes (computers) and when me or any of the specials teachers are out, there is no sub so I don't know what will happen when I go on leave. My predecessor was male so he didn't have this problem, lol!

I pay into a ST disability insurance so I am eligible for up to 22 weeks leave (same plan I had when I was PG with Selin and I was approved for all the time off but I was working in an office back then and not teaching). I would like to start TTC in April so that my earliest due date would be Jan 2013 but I'm worried about when I would have to return to work and if there is going to be a gap between the end of my leave and summer. Most teachers aim for spring babies so they get a nice long leave but I just have no idea how long of a leave my principal is going to approve since I'm not a traditional homeroom teacher.

Unfortunately, there are no other teachers I can ask at my school about this because all of the other female teachers are either way older than me and their kids are in HS/college, or they are unmarried and don't have any kids yet. There is one teacher there who has two kids in our school but this is her first year teaching there so she was in a different district when she was on maternity leave.

So my question is this:

Should I broach the subject with my principal (who is new to the school this year too, but has 5 kids of her own and I get along with her very well) and let her know we are trying to plan for our next baby and roughly how long of a leave would I be allowed to take?

Or should I just keep my mouth shut, start TTC in April and see what happens? (We got PG w/Selin our first cycle NPP so I'm hoping we'll have similar success second time around).

I feel like I'm totally rambling here but hopefully this all makes sense. Thanks for reading!


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Sat, 03-03-2012 - 1:55pm


I was just logging in to see how things went for you.

-Suzie :)