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Name/Partner's name:

Where are you in the process?

Do you chart? Want to share?

Doing anything new this month? (HA! I orginally typed morning. I don't want to know. ;))

Any other kids/pets/ruffians at your house?

What's your favorite food to eat when you're PMSing?

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Jessica - good luck with your TWW! My fingers are crossed for you :)

Kate & Sandy, Thanks, you're both right that it's best that I'm not pregnant the day I start my new job. I think that would have been pretty stressful, and I'm sure my new bosses wouldn't have been totally thrilled about it either. Even not getting PG next month would probably be best, so I'm there closer to a year when I go on maternity leave. DH and I are both in agreement though that we aren't stopping or pausing TTC efforts for ANY reason, not even work. We want to start a family NOW. Jobs can come and go, we couldn't predict when I would finally get this job offer or when my start date would be and we can't predict the future. I know different people have different opinions on that, but for us personally, work is not the priority.

Alison - we'll miss you in this thread! Please stop back by anytime you want, I'm still very interested in your journey!

RE: paid FF or free? I just re-upped my paid FF membership today. You get a discount for renewing before your time is up. I've also heard you can get a good discount by 'liking" FF on facebook but I'm not taking that risk! ;) lol


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I have the mobile version on my Iphone but I haven't really used it much since i've been on the pill. I just downloaded it and I only use it to just track my cycles. But I'll have to take a look at the features. Thanks everyone for all the input.

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Alison, I will miss "seeing" you around in this thread... your personal story was one of the reason I'm always lurking here! I understand though... both times I tried to chart I had such crazy cycles that i felt completely out of place compared to the other girls... Anyways, if you feel up to it, I would love it for you to post on the other sections (like chit chat and games). After all... you are definitely a WTT grad!! And I hope you baby comes really soon for you!


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((hugs)) E... I think the average number of cycles is 6 for couples to conceive, so you're right at that point.... it's just hard when it seems like everyone around you is getting there easier/faster.

Allison: I'm sad to see you go, I have really enjoyed connecting with you again, and I wish you all the best.
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Ash, E, Mari & Kate - thanks.

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Hello ladies!

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