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Tue, 09-18-2012 - 7:49am

Hi, Adrienne.  I would love to have one of your photo siggies with this picture.

I would like to have my name in dark pink in the upper left corner.  And somewhere else on the picture:  Living and learning with Fletcher, Jonah, and Charlotte.

Thank you so much!!!!  Your siggies look so cute.  They remind me of chalk on a chalkboard.

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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 7:58am
Oh! How funny. I always smile when I think of my WTTG friends (and their kids) in real life. :smileyhappy:
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Tue, 09-18-2012 - 11:16pm

Adorable photo Erica!

Btw, I keep meaning to tell you, there's a boy at my school, I forget which grade he's in now (I teach over 300 students so they tend to get mixed up, lol!) but he looks just like Fletcher! I keep wanting to call him Fletcher instead of his real name, which I can't recall at the moment either. :smileytongue:

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Tue, 09-18-2012 - 9:20am


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Tue, 09-18-2012 - 8:47am
Great pic, Erica, it'll make a cute siggy!