Separation Anxiety?

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Separation Anxiety?
Fri, 10-18-2013 - 2:42pm

It can be hard on both the mom and the toddler when they are upset when you leave them with someone else: 

If you haven’t experienced it personally, you’ve seen it or, at the very least, heard tales of the dreaded curse of separation anxiety: Moms who sit nervously in their cars in the preschool parking lot, contemplating whether or not to drive away. The friend who expresses her frustration with her toddler’s daily tantrums on Facebook. Teachers commiserating with co-workers about the kids whose tears won’t stop, and the parents who worry too much. 

It’s nearly two months into the school year. So, why are your child's drop-off tears still flowing and how do you get them to stop? Experts say the answer comes in rituals, routine, and a little bit of a reality check.

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How does your child handle separation?  How do you deal with it when they are upset about you leaving?