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I can't really comment on this as my kids are all young. I can say that most of the things I have in my daycare have been bought second hand, donated or built by my husband. I have 4 kids myself and don't make a huge amount of money so it's all about saving for me. I buy stuff at Goodwill use it for a bit and then donate it back. I don't have a ton of room for storage either. I guess it's all about what kind of program/daycare you want to have and what kind of supplies you need. Some people come back into daycare and only watch 1-2 infants. Then they only need infant supplies. Some people only want to have older kids and then are more set up for older kids with tables, games, etc.

I think it's all about to you and what kind of house you have and what kind of set up you have.

Good luck!