August Message Board Ideas

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August Message Board Ideas
Wed, 07-27-2011 - 1:30pm

Hello Everyone!

I have a big message board at the bottom of my stairs to my daycare and every month I change the theme on it.

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Wed, 07-27-2011 - 9:52pm
How 'bout the beach, or picnics? You could put a beach scene with sand, water, umbrellas, and beach towels, or watermelon cutouts, hotdogs and hamburgers, corn on the cob, and other picnic foods. Oh, and ice cream cones! Our kids go back to school August 2nd, so our back to school theme is pretty early here. Have fun with it!
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Fri, 08-05-2011 - 8:27am

I should start doing something like this at home! So, I searched and found a site (I'm sure there are tons of other sites too) that had a list of themes. Maybe you could use one of these or this will give you an idea of your own.

Let us know what you decided!