Good and Bad News today

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Good and Bad News today
Sat, 03-27-2010 - 12:55am

So today was a mixture of good and bad news. I was originally going to open my own in home daycare and then decided not to because today I got a great job offer from a wonderful family. They are offering me a very fair rate. I felt that the family and I had a great connection during the interview and their children are adorable. So excited that they offered me the job and told me that they had interviewed a few people already and out of everyone they really really liked me and were praying they wouldn't have to go with anyone else. That really made my day and make me feel so good about myself. Went to see the Bounty Hunter with my boyfriend to celebrate. Very cute movie by the way. Got home a little while ago only to find out that my ex-mil died today. She was an amazing woman that died from Leukemia. Its very sad that the world will now be missing a wonderful person and it truly stinks that she had to go this way. Her husband Darrell (ex-fil) is completely devastated. She will be missed by many many people. Due to how far away they live from me and when the funeral is I won't be able to attend. Please say some extra prayers for her today that she may rest in peace and suffer no longer, and for Darrell and the rest of the family.


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Sat, 03-27-2010 - 7:58am

(((HUGS))) Stephanie.