I yelled at my licensor yesterday!

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I yelled at my licensor yesterday!
Wed, 11-18-2009 - 10:03am

Yesterday was just one of those days when everything that could possibly go wrong, did. My 2yo DD who is doing very, very well with potty training pooped in her pants 3 times in a 30 minute period. Then when I went to put her soiled panties in the washing machine, my hand hit the shelf above the washer and a bottle of dark red car wash soap fell over. No big deal, right? Well, it must have hit just right because the entire top of the screw on cap broke off and red soap started going everywhere! Of course, I had nothing to clean it up with right there and I had a 13mo baby deciding that NOW is the time to get clingy and want to be held! I was holding one hand under the spill so it wouldn't go between the washer and dryer and was able to grab my son's shirt out of the laundry hamper to use.

About half an hour after all of that happened was lunch time. Pretty uneventful, then I started the usual nap time routine. I got everyone in their beds downstairs, babies by me and read a story. Then I went to put babies to bed around the corner. I then realized that my 2nd pack n play was upstairs in my daughter's room because the night before she had borrowed it to pile her clean laundry in before folding it. (She did about 6 loads of her own laundry) I decided that it would be easier if I put baby #1 in her bed upstairs just long enough to get baby #2 in her bed downstairs, then I could bring baby #1 down and put her in her usual place. I set her in the pack n play upstairs, put baby #2 in her pack n play, then decided to put my " Shh.. someone's sleeping" sign in the door before grabbing baby #1, just in case.

I opened the door and there was my licensor and a trainee. They must have rang my doorbell, which doesn't work and were standing there. I had no idea. Needless to say, it scared the holy living ____ out of me! I screamed. I'm sure that looked good for my surprise visit! Then it occured to me that baby #1 was still upstairs where she wasn't supposed to be waiting to be brought down!! Yikes!!! I explained to my licensor what had happened with my daughter using the pack n play the previous night, honestly thinking she was going to think I was making up a story, but she didn't and we were fine on that. It did take me a good half hour before I stopped shaking. I thought I was going to have a full blown panic attack when I first opened the door!

I did get written up for a few things, which I think are all ridiculous. One was they didn't like one of my parent's signatures. They said he needs to "do better than that." They didn't like my logic though, that if that is the signature that matches on his drivers license, won't all of his "new" signatures with me look like forgeries since they will be different than any other time he signs his name? I was also written up for not taking all of my kids, ranging from 13mo to 5 years outside in the stormy weather every single day, no matter what, no matter the weather (horrible wind and rain), and no matter that they have all just recently gotten over being sick and a few still have some coughs. My parents (especially of the babies) are not taking this well as I told them all to make sure to send their children ready to go outside in the stormy weather today.

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Wed, 11-18-2009 - 3:03pm

It irks me when they come at nap time. Between 1:00-3:00 here is precious and I guard that time. What did they think about your behavior? You were frightened by them and shaking.

What did they say about the baby sleeping upstairs? I know that is an unwritten rule in my state. I used to nap everyone upstairs- and loved it. Now I have them spread out on my first floor. I am not thrilled about it- but don't want my licensor to show up and have someone in the wrong place.

How did they know you aren't going outside everyday? Did they ask? I would consider lying to that question! I don't take my kids out everyday. Today it is cold and rainy- they won't step outside today. My rules mention taken them out- but doesn't say I have to everyday- just to try to. So I will fight that one if my licensor has issue with it. so far he has never asked.

I probably would have washed the panties after work hours. Just to play it safe. If I do go into my laundry room I don't allow any daycare kids to follow me.

GOOD LUCK and I hope you have a better day.

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Wed, 11-18-2009 - 3:13pm

Sounds like a rough day. I hate when inspectors are nit-picky! Really. Some of them feel they HAVE to find something to write you up for. They don't feel they've done their job unless they have. Stinks. My state licensor is pretty good. She's also pretty clueless, but I guess I can't complain. :p

I hope today has been better and the rest of the week goes well.

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Wed, 11-18-2009 - 5:10pm

I think I know that shake. It is unique to women I think. I HATE that shake.

As for the write ups, our state has a no write up policy - meaning they won't leave your house until they find something to write up. They stayed at my friends house for over 2 hrs just visiting until finally murphy's law took over and a child fell and she did things out of order, got things written up and the insp. left. go figure. Teh joke around here is that EVERYONE leaves their toothpaste out on the counter so they will FIND it and write you up (easy fix) and will LEAVE asap. lol

As for the going outside....how do they KNOW you don't take them out? I never wrote down when we went outside. My regs state we do it every day, I state in my contract we do it every day, and every day the weather is good and we made it we did it. After the fact there is no proof. Curious how'd they know. And our state regs require no log proving such. Hmmmm. Perhaps you talk too much when you are nervous ?????

Well, at least it's over, and before the holiday rush too. That is a GOOD thing.

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Wed, 11-18-2009 - 5:54pm

I told them we hadn't gone outside because she wrote me up for two things outside. I usually tip over anything that can fill up with rain water before we go inside. I missed the Little Tykes boat. So, I was written up for having rain water in a toy outside. I said, "Well, it's been pouring down rain, horrible wind for 3 days so we haven't gone outside!" Oops! There is another one!! The second thing I was written up for outside was that the gate to my dog pen was open. I explained that when we go outside, my dogs go first and straight into their pen. I then close the gate. Then, when we come in, the kids go first, then the dogs come in and I leave the gate open for the next time we go outside. If the gate is closed when the kids aren't out there, I have to go out first, open it, back in, get the dogs out, then back out again. They didn't agree with me on that.

I wasn't too worried about it, nothing I was written up for was major and it was all taken care of yesterday. The baby I had wasn't sleeping upstairs, my daughter had just borrowed the pack n play, so that wasn't even listed in the infractions.

The licensor was actually laughing a little about me shaking. I honestly had no idea they were there, they just thought I did since they rang the non-working doorbell. LOL

And the laundry thing? Unfortunately in this house, the laundry room is IN my playroom! I have a couch as a way to try to separate it, but it doesn't totally shut it off. I knew it was empty, so I just put her wet panties in the washing machine for later, but klutzy me had to bump that shelf above it! Sheesh!! Another reason I can't wait to move this weekend... My laundry room is separate and has a door! Woo hoo!! (Funny how things like that can make ya happy, isn't it?)

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Wed, 11-18-2009 - 7:10pm

I don't think your licensors visit child care centers.