New to the field of in home child care, home management....

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New to the field of in home child care, home management....
Thu, 08-16-2012 - 12:37pm
I have recently become unemployed and am considering offering my services as a 'nanny / house manager / personal assistance' to a professional family in need of a live-in provider. Wondering how to get started. I've always been professionally employed, and as a single parent to 2 grown daughters I possess a lifetime of experience - no actual experience in the field - so agencies are less than enthusiastic when approached. I've tried Craig's List but responses so far range from weirdo to desperate uneducated single women unable to afford the kind of service I am proposing to offer. I am single and unencumbered so location is not really a concern, however, I am now living in the greater Boston area. Of course I can provide excellent personal references and pass a background check..... Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated.
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I just typed out this long message to you but then hit a wrong button and it was erased...argh! Actually, it turned out to be a good thing b/c I was giving advice on how to start a home daycare and when a re-read your post after losing mine, I noticed you're actually looking to be more of a "nanny" (providing care in the parent's home).

I would start by making sure you have all the training needed - CPR classes, etc...I think there's even some schools that provide certification and licensing classes. It's definitely hard when everyone wants experience and you're just starting out but if you at least have all the training and licensing completed, potential customers will be more willing to be your "first" professional experience.

I know more people do tend to use Craig's List nowdays than the regular paper newspaper but it would still definitely be worth a shot to try placing an ad in your local paper too.

Good luck!