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Tue, 11-03-2009 - 11:54am

My little 2yo stayed home yesterday because he was sick. This morning his mom says, "Oh, yesterday I made a toy gun out of Legos and *N* said, 'NO, Mommy! Miss Cathy say NO guns!'" I explained to her that I have one child who's dad is a big hunter and he likes to make toy guns and point them at everyone so we've had to make the rule NO guns made out of anything. I guess little N remembered that! lol His mom said, "Yes, he scolded me pretty good!" Thankfully she laughed about it. :p Now I know these parents are huge gun right's activists and both have concealed weapons permits (and they do carry), BUT why on EARTH would you make your 2yo CHILD a toy gun out of Legos?!? THAT I don't get. Whatever. Not my kid. I can't control what they do at home with him. But at least he know the rules at MY house! lol

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Tue, 11-03-2009 - 12:40pm

There are responsible gun owners and irresponsible ones and varying degrees inbetween.

I believe in our rights to own weapons - each person must decide for themselves if it should be part of their home life whether that is for hunting or protection. I am just always amazed at adults inability to connect owning a weapon and keeping it PROPERLY secure - ESPECIALLY when children live or frequent your home. It's kind of like parenting - there should be a test you have to take before you are allowed to have one (kids or guns or both)

Perhaps you need to mention to the kids that you NEVER touch a gun - you always get a grown up. Clearly the kids listen and HEAR you and mom falls in that inbetween degree of gun owners. lol

I had a no weapons policy - I had one older child (th eonly older child I ever watched that wasn't mine) and he'd build bomb out of ANYTHING. I never minded him playing spy (he liked to lurk and drop and roll, etc but the bombing the babies I didn't like.