OT/TSO and a couple days off!

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OT/TSO and a couple days off!
Thu, 11-05-2009 - 10:20pm

The TSO concert was AMAZING!!! They were so totally awesome!!!!! Randy REALLY loved it. Robin was bored and actually dozed off a couple times! lol They announced they're doing a spring tour so I'll have to check and see if it's going to be local.

Sorry I wasn't on much today, and I apologize in advance for not being on much tomorrow. I'm enjoying a four day weekend! Of course, this morning was spent at a dr's appointment and then on to x-rays. I've been having trouble with my right hand--the one I shut in the car door three years ago. Well, actually both hands bother me, but that one more so. Anyway, my doc thinks I may have arthritis! I told her I'm only 38!!! My mom has RA and my grandma's hands were quite bad (but she was MUCH older!) so this isn't a total shock. I still don't like it. I guess we'll see what the x-rays show.

Randy has an orthodontist appointment in the morning and Robin has an appointment tomorrow afternoon, so it'll be a busy day, even if I'm not working! I'm going to go ahead and post the Friday Fives tonight and I'll pop in when I can. :)

Have a GREAT weekend, Everyone!!!

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