worried about starting daycare

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worried about starting daycare
Fri, 11-04-2011 - 6:14am

I have gone through the entire process of applying for my license to get back into daycare after being out of it for about 14 years. Back then, there were plenty of jobs and famiies who needed child care.

After gong through all the paperwork, inspections, testing and classes which I've already made the financial investment in, I'm worried that with the economy that there just may not be enough people needing child care to get this business up and going.

I have enough other income that I would only need 2 kids in order to replace the income from the job that I'm currently working at, but now I'm not so sure about all this.

Has anyone who has just started run into the problem of not getting kids into their daycare? Find it is harder because of so many people being out of work? Or has anyone who's been doing it for a while seen a drop in their enrollment?

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Fri, 11-04-2011 - 11:26am
How are you advertising? I have one friend who got her business running by posting on craigslist and distributing flyers on car windows. Advertising is the key; people won't hire you if they don't know your'e there!

Childcare is one of those things there's always a need for.
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Fri, 11-04-2011 - 12:07pm

Thanks for the reply. I haven't received my license yet...expecting to within the next 30 days. When I had my daycare before I tried running an ad in the local newspaper a couple times and got a couple clients from that. Other than that I just posted at the local grocery stores and laundry mats etc. I can't even recall how much response I got from that. Some was by word of mouth. Since I was in close contact with the school there were referrals from the school and of course through tthe childcare resource.

I REALLY need to get this going ASAP so I'm also planning on distributing flyers on peoples cars at the local restaurants, stores, etc...I may even stand on the street corner if I have to in order to distribute them.

The funny thing is that some of my old daycare kids are now having babies themselves and I'm still in contact with them. I live in a very small community so word spreads. My main concern was if there would be enough of a need since the economy is sooooo bad. I plan on charging a reasonable, competitive rate to get started also.

In the past I usually raised my rates at the beginning of each year...not by much, but it helped.

I gave notice to my work today that December 16 would be my last day and although I'd have enough money to squeak by each month until I get this started, I don't want to just squeak by...not to mention unexpected things that come up. I'll be comfortable for a couple months just with the income I'd have without daycare...after that it would get a little old scrimping.

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Sun, 11-06-2011 - 7:35pm

I found for a while here I had more kids that only needed parttime care,