Some guidance needed! (m)

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Some guidance needed! (m)
Sat, 03-29-2003 - 6:18am
HI! I'm new to this board and to the whole process of working from home. I really need to start looking for job or doing something at home. I job field I'm afraid to say that I really would qualify for a good jod and DH wants me to stay at home and look after our son. We are getting a new house and I feel like I'm depended on him for every small things so I wanna start before I totally lose it.

I'm a creative person. I like to draw and paint and put small favor type gifts together or do creative cards. These are few things I love to do and could do them all day, so I thought maybe this could help me get somewhere. I hope it does. Any advice or suggestions on what I could do would be appreciated.


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Sat, 03-29-2003 - 9:47am
Hi & welcome!

First, I want to reassure you about feeling "dependent" on your spouse. I know it's hard for us to battle those feelings - after all, we are women used to being independent - but try not to think of it as being dependent. If he were in some way disabled or if it turned out you were able to support your family on your income, you wouldn't want him to feel that way!

My DH makes the majority income in our family and when I became a WAHM (I was WAH before I became a mom), it was hard for me, too. A friend of mine, who is also a marriage counselor, told me to write down all of the things I do around the home (childcare, cooking, cleaning, laundry, bookkeeping, etc.) and estimate the cost of having someone else to do those things. I also wrote down how much we saved not eating out like we did when I was working 60 hours a week. Once I saw the final result, I realized that my contribution to the household was equal to his!

You mentioned that you are good at creative things. Have you considered personal creatives? I've heard of personalized gift services (mainly online, but also locally). The florist my church uses employs a work at home mom to design and create their gift arrangements - if you're good at flowers and creating flower-based gift baskets, that would be something to look into! One of my clients runs an organic produce home delivery service and she's looking for a local person to design gift baskets featuring her products. If you know of any entrepreneurial work at home moms in your area, consider contacting them and asking if they'd be interested in wholesale gift basket design featuring their products.

Some other ideas...

*Party planning (there are also party companies, like 1800PartyShop, that you could join)

*Custom wall murals (I have a friend who does this - she specializes in turning a plain old kid's bedroom into a fantasy land of mural. She did a dinosaur theme in one room that just took my breath away.)

*Custom portraits or sketches

*Personalized gifts (mugs with names and/or cartoon caricature of the recipient, beautiful gift or jewelry boxes with a love poem written in calligraphy on it)

HTH! ~Ange