Any single moms?

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Any single moms?
Sat, 09-06-2003 - 8:07pm
I was just wondering if there are any single moms here who work from home. I'd like to talk to you about what is working for you. I am wanting to do this adoption, but I do not want to put my child in daycare. I'm trying to make some decisions about what to do, that would possibly be sufficient as a single income. I'm having a tough time making this decision. Help!
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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 1:43pm
Hey there,

I am not a single mom so I can't give you that side of working form home BUT I can tell you that even though you work from home there are going to be times where you will have to have someone to look after your little onw. It might be someone coming in your home or day care even 1-2 days a week or if you do direct sales you will need someone to take care of them while you are doing your partys at night.

Right now I do NOT have someone watching my kids but I don't need to make a full-time income at what I am doing. I can tell you it is VERY HARD to work with the kids running around and if they aren't running around they are sleeping (which 2 are doing right now) and my 3 1/2 yr old is playing "school" down here in my office while I work or they are plugged into the television. I should do lots of telephone work. Calling clients, etc... but it is dificult do to that. EVERYTIME I get on the phone someone starts crying or yelling. One time I had a webmaster call me about an ad I had posted on his website and Erin my 3 yr old was SCREAMING and I mean SCREAMING and having an absolute tantrum all because I told her to pick up the peice of paper she threw on the floor. Can you imagine if I was on the phone with a VP of a company talking about their staffing needs at that point!

I used to work full time out of the home and I can tell you that daycare isn't bad either. It doesn't make you a bad mom. When I first went back to work Erin was I think like 18 months old. It was probably one of the best things I ever did for her. Before daycare she hardly played with other kids. She would go off and play on her own. Since she was in daycare she "came out of her shell" so to speak. She interacted with other kids and stuff. Now the type of daycare I think is a big decision. Personally I like in-home daycares. I am not a big fan of daycare centers at least for babies.

Personally I don't think you should base your decision on whether you are going to put her/him in daycare. There are millions of working moms who are WONDERFUL moms and have happy well adjusted children in daycare.

Have you thought about all the scenerio's? What about health insurance? How are you going to get health insurance? Just one question that popped into my head.

Good luck with your decision. I know it is a very hard choice but know that you can give a child a loving home regardless of yoru work situtation.


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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 2:19pm

I am not a single mom, but have met many single moms that have made a career in Mary Kay. Instead of daycare, you could bring someone in to watch your little one when you want to work. You decide when you want to do that. You could also check into Mother's Day out programs at local churches.

My daughter is in bed at 7pm every night, so DH just stays home and does stuff around the house. If you have someone that could come just sit at night and be there, that could free up some time for you to have classes or appointments at night.

I am at home during the day, and I do most of my paperwork or stuff on the computer while my daughter takes her morning and afternoon nap. I used to take her with me to daytime appts..but now that she is running around it is too much of a challenge to expect her to be still.

I have people come to my house for facial or skin care classes and that works great. I can shedule them during nap time, or have Reagan in her exersauser or watching a Baby Einstein video. Lots of my customers have small children and they just bring them over and play while I have some pampering time with mom.

I know that with Mary Kay, the income earning potential is unlimited and the flexibility is wonderful. If you have a family member, or reliable sitter, you can make it work. My Sr. Director was living a very wealthy life when her husband became depressed...he could not work and she did not want to give up their lifestyle she worked hard, was committed and made this business work for her.

I dont know if that helps at all, but I think it is great that you want to stay at home when you have a child. I know that with Mary Kay and lots of these other companies, you could get started now and build your business so that it is already stronger when you stay at home.

Feel free to ask any questions and good luck to you!

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