Finally Friday

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Finally Friday
Fri, 02-01-2013 - 1:46pm

Claire has her annual eye exam on Saturday morning, and I'm going too for a recheck on that patch of irritation in my eye.  I've been using some pricey steroid eye drops for two weeks so hopefully my eye will look a lot better...

DH is going to some wrestling tournament an hour or two away from here on Sat.  He doesn't have a wrestler of his own anymore, but he is still keeping up with the kids he got to know when Matthew was competing.

Nothing else exciting, just grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning.  Bah humbug.

What are you doing this weekend?

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Sat, 02-02-2013 - 9:45am

Hope you and Claire fare well at the eye doc today!

Yesterday was Zoë's 6 month checkup. Not so awesome. Doc is REALLY harping on me about her weight (26 pounds, 28"). Wants me to only give her 35 ounces a day in formula (dream that dream, doc) and hit hard with the veggies -- that we can do. For breakfast she had green beans and bananas. I don't know that I'll do a lot of fruits, but I do want to mix it up a bit. And this was her first go with the green beans, so wanted something I know she likes to go with it. Girl loves her yellow veggies, but Will did too and was a little oompa loompa because of it, LOL. At any rate, she's concerned, and wants us to do as much as we can to help her maintain at least. Doesn't want her to gain any weight before her 9m checkup. I just don't even know how that's possible.

So yesterday, gave her some veggies (2 containers), and she topped off with 4 ounces of formula at about 1pm. By 2:45pm at the doc office, she was SCREAMING for her bottle. You know, that kind of gulping babies do -- she clearly was hungry. So she downed 2 ounces and only stopped because she had to get shots. So, Zo is just a hungry baby, and I think she'll have to eat solids at least 5x a day if we want to help her get over her bottle habit, and I'm not even sure how well it will work. I'm keeping a diary now, so I can kind of keep track of how we're doing. It'll be easy this weekend, but through the week it's going to be more challenging.

Today we'll go stock up on baby foods. That's actually fun. :)

But, Zo is healthy. No illnesses or anything, and actually recovered from her shots pretty well -- usually screams until we get to the Jeep, but was calm by the time we hit the desk to check out. So, that's something.

In other non-baby news, LOL, Libby had me transfer funds to her account because she was low, and I discovered that my tax refund came. VERY shocked! I got in on the early return acceptance (Jan. 23), so thank goodness I filed so early this year. Now I gotta set hubby down and get him to do his. He should get a refund too, and I want to sock all of it away to deal with emergencies and such.

Also got my first Jeep bill. That hurt. We haven't had a car payment since 2004. I'm going to pay extra so we can knock it out quicker. We'll see how it goes.

On the new job front, the property has really big problems in about every department. The front desk screwed up everything it could, so that's pretty bad given he was a company comp -- if you cannot treat your VIPs well, how are you treating Joe Public? His department isn't company standard compliant, and that's a worry -- hubby is all about adhering to standards. Will cost millions to get them where they need to be, and they're just coming off a $90 million renovation (only guest areas, not back-of-house). He did like a lot of the people he met, but didn't meet some key players -- that's disturbing. But his would-be boss called his current boss, so they're definitely interested. We'll see how it shakes out. Should either have an offer or a no-thank-you by Monday. I still don't know what I'm hoping for.

That's about it on our end. Maybe get some cleaning done today, or maybe just save deep cleaning for next week when I'm off on Thurs & Fri. We have a mega-study for big client coming up, so I took a couple days so I can rest and get my mind right for that. I'll probably take a couple days once all of those are finished in late March so I can regroup. It's truly going to be that stressful. Wouldn't be if I didn't have twice the jobs I usually have. My company is either trying to kill me, or just give a good impression of it!

Hope you ladies have a good weekend!

(here's a pic of Zo we took yesterday doing the only thing she ever does with the binky -- just chews on it, LOL)


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Sat, 02-02-2013 - 3:02pm

Heehee, that is the funniest binky bite ever!  Just adorable.  Hey, and no calories.  Maybe I should get one...

I can't believe you got your refund already.  That is amazing.  Go you.  I have all the papers gathered for DH, he seemed really interested in filing early this year, but he hasn't done anything yet.  I would have high hopes for tomorrow but it's the Super Bowl so we can all guess how that'll go down!

I hate car payments and we have two - one for DH's Mazda 3 and one for Matt's Mazda 3.  They're even due the same day.  Katie said something about a car for her and I told her she can use my Odyssey once she gets her license.  It'll be bad enough just paying the car insurance for another teenager, sigh.

I cleaned for about 15 minutes and wandered over here to the computer, just not feeling it. I did spend 45 minutes hunting for a lost Netflix DVD that I'm going to have to pay for until I can find it.  If it shows up within a year, they send your money back so that is very understanding of them.  A lot of people complain about Netflix, but I think it's a really good company overall - even if the DVD's should glow in the dark or something, lol.

What else?  Oh yes, eye appts.  Claire's eyesight is predictably worse in both eyes so we ordered new glasses for her.  Mine isn't as bad, but I had to order new glasses too.  That patch of irritation didn't clear up despite the steroid.  He said we will recheck it in 6 months.  It might require a scraping of the cornea to get rid of it (done by a specialist, recovery within a few days).  He said I'm "young" so maybe it won't come to that.

It'll be interesting to see if they offer your husband the job, keeping my fingers crossed that it works out in a way least likely to aggravate that ulcer!

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