Finally Friday

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Finally Friday
Thu, 05-23-2013 - 9:31pm

Taking my puppy to the vet for a vertigo recheck today. She's eating again although not as well as I would like and she is still unsteady (better though). Did I mention needing to win the darn lottery soon?!

This weekend I wanted to go visit the in-laws, but can't with a sick dog and Katie said she needs to study for her Algebra 2 exam. I hope she really studies and does well. She is close to passing or failing - could go either way - but has learned a lot since she began to apply herself so I'm proud.

Our pool opened so I will dutifully take the kiddos. I'm bringing my Kindle because I don't like to get in until it feels like bath water (just can't take the cold water like they can).

The grocery store where Matt works (Lowes Foods) has an associated gas station with rewards and lately he has been working at the gas kiosk, resetting the pumps when they get stuck, etc. It's a much slower pace than cashier, the other day he got to watch a movie and get paid for it, so he is loving it.

Hubs has to treat the lawn for weeds this weekend. He already did one treatment, but it didn't take and we just got a mean letter from the Homeowner's Association, sigh. Meanwhile the common area across from my house is 50% weeds, but they don't see the irony.

Hope you have a nice long Memorial Day weekend!!

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Thu, 05-30-2013 - 7:30pm

Mandy is now on an antibiotic for an inner ear infection and is improving. My old dog needs to feel better and stop scaring her mom, LOL.

Good for Libby! Can't wait for Katie to start working. She keeps taking $50 here, $20 there every time I turn around. Once she sees how long it takes her to earn $50 maybe she will stop holding her hand out so much...

Hooray for Zo on becoming a bit more independent. I can picture her getting "stuck." She is just the cutest thing on the planet.

Your landlord sounds like a real jerk so I'm sure he will get what he has coming to him. I'm sad you have to move so abruptly, but you'll definitely be better without him. Get those big kids to help with the packing so you can meet the crazy deadline. I'm thinking about you!!


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Sun, 05-26-2013 - 7:35am

Poor Mandy! She's just been through the wringer. Hope she's faring a bit better after a visit with the vet.

Gotta love watching movies while working. Go, Matt! LOL. Hope Katie is getting some math studying in. I'm with her -- I am not a mathlete. My kids make fun of me because I cannot cross multiply. Well, I can, I just don't know WHEN I should. LOL. Tell her that. That's reason enough to learn it now. Kids snickering at you isn't fun. Ok, in our house it is, LOL, but still, nothing to aspire to.Tongue Out

Our 'hood is half neighborhood association, half not. So, we're not included, but they will still send letters to everyone regardless, and the landlord did send us a note last summer when he rec'd a letter. I think we're doing better this year.

We're not doing anything fun this weekend, quite the opposite. Our landlord informed us last week that he is going to sell the house. So, we're packing, looking for a place to live. I've got two in mind, putting in one app and then another if we're declined for some reason. It's challenging. First and foremost we have to stay in this high school for Will -- that's the whole reason we declined the Dallas move. Second, hubby wants to smoke in the house, and 99% of houses don't allow that. So, that's the other hurdle. Oh, he'll take what we can find, but I don't want to listen to him complain for the next year+. And he will. And honestly, he's being a pain about all of it. We're only a week into dealing with it and I want to beat him with a baseball bat already! Not a good sign, LOL.

Unfortunately, with the expenses involved in all of this (having to put another security deposit down, and hiring movers, plus whatever else there could be), we're not going to be able to go to Indiana this summer to see the 'rents. Just not in the budget. I have to call Dad this morning and tell him. He's going to be really bummed. Still haven't told the boys, either. They're REALLY going to be upset.

I don't even know how all of this will shake out while trying to work. I'm trying not to think about that until we have a place to live. Probably need to put that on my boss' radar, though, since it will likely involve me taking some time off.

In better news, Libby got her first job! She just turned 21 and has never been employed. So, she starts at Taco Bell on Monday. Will work evenings except T/Th once the fall term comes up, and I think it's going to make for a challenging time since she's still going to help with Zo, and will still have studies (taking a class this summer, too, one of the semester-in-three-weeks-time kind, but, I think she'll do ok. That's the other piece of not going to Indiana. I don't think it would be cool to ask for a week off work before even working there a month. A job is more important than vacation.

RE: Zo, she's now able to get down from standing up -- that's been a fun several weeks, rescuing her every time she stands (because she SCREAMS when she's ready to do something new, LOL, which usually means crawling to a different object to pull herself up on), and now she's side-stepping along furniture, so she's really more mobile. Honestly crawling too, no more of that belly crawl. And, she has a 4th tooth just peeking through. So funny because she got the first bottom two like every other baby (usually) does, but #s 3 and 4 are her lateral incisors, not the central incisors like her siblings did. So, she'll look like a vampire here pretty soon. Kind of fitting since I swear she's sucking the life out of me! ROFL!

Anyhoo. As ever, lots of exciting things afoot. We'll figure everything out like we always do. It's just the getting there that is challenging!

Hope you're having a great holiday weekend!

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