Finally Friday

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Finally Friday
Thu, 05-30-2013 - 7:37pm

Another Friday? Time flies when you can't log in (and when you can)! Sealed

Today is Dave's last day of 1st grade. Crazy to think of the "baby" as a 2nd grader already. My nephew just graduated from high school so I know how fast it can go. DH's sis is scratching her head about where the time went as her only baby heads off to college in the fall... It's nuts!

This weekend DH is going to get the rest of that dirt out of the street (it's been 5 weeks and I'm freaking out). His garden is growing really well although the deer ate all of the beans. I warned him, but he wouldn't listen. We really need a fence, but he doesn't want one.

I just made two batches of the yummiest cookies that I wish I could email to you. In our next lives, I hope we live on the same street!

Also hope you have a super weekend and the log-in problems are over!!!

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Sun, 06-02-2013 - 9:17am

Aww, yep, the do grow up too fast. I hope he loves 2nd grade!

Been a hard weekend here. The app we put in for this one house that would have been a good fit for us was declined, because our landlord LIED about us. Said we hadn't paid May rent yet (this was Friday, May rent was paid on the 2nd of May), that the HOA had complained about us several times (only one time to our knowledge, when I was pregnant with Zo and the yard got away from me but we promptly took care of) -- which is insane because we're not even part of the HOA -- only half the entire neighborhood is. Our neighbor told me that last summer. Also said that the lease was for 4 people and we had 6 here, one unauthorized tenant-- which, I suppose Zo is not on the lease but 1) she wasn't even an idea when we signed the lease two years ago, and 2) I sent him a note when she was born so WTH and 3) our other three children ARE on the lease so that would mean the lease was for 5 people.

So, he lied. And, then he calls me Friday afternoon asking if we were moving out on Saturday. WHAT?? Um, we just found out that he was selling the house on the 21st! When he talked to Libby, he said something about giving us a break on the rent, right? Well, he told me I had to pay for the full month of June if we were staying.

I am certain without a doubt that he wants to keep us hostage here until he sells the house, which is why he is sabotaging our ability to move. And, I don't know how much I can do to right now to get him to tell the truth. I'm going to contact the HOA, but I've read bad things about them so I don't think I will get anywhere with them. I'm also going to get all the canceled checks for rent from the bank, so I can use those as proof we've never had a late charge associated with our lease. And of course I have a copy of the lease as proof that 5 of us are on it. I think I can explain Zo to another potential rental if I have to.

So, we continue to pack. Have an application with a new property, but that is probably a wasted effort. Feeling so discouraged. He told me on the phone we were great tenants. His realtor told me that he knew we were great tenants. So, we were totally blind-sided here. Our realtor said she talked to his and that he would tell our landlord to be "kinder" otherwise we could not move, but I don't want kindness. I just want him to be honest. You know, do the right thing. If it were just me and hubs, that'd be one thing. But we have these kids. He cannot just let us be homeless, right?

Good news is we found a place that has recycled moving boxes, getting those MUCH cheaper than new ones, and they're just as good. Have writing and tape on them, but not crushed or damaged or anything like that.

Keep a happy thought for us that this application gets approved (it just went up, and isn't even being shown until the 5th, so we could be first on the list!) -- we've just got to get out from under this wicked man as soon as we can.

Now. On to more packing!! Smile

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Sun, 06-02-2013 - 6:35pm

Your landlord sounds awful! You must be so frustrated. All I can say is "what goes around, comes around." I'm sure it will all catch up with him and by then you will be free of him!

Good job on finding the boxes for less; I know I spent a fortune on them when we moved here.

Packing is such a pain, especially when you don't know exactly what day you're leaving. Keep the faith and thanks for keeping us updated!

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