Finally Friday

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Finally Friday
Fri, 06-28-2013 - 3:35pm

Here we go again - hooray! Today is Claire's last day of school. She is ready for a break, but was still sitting at the table practicing her cursive on her own last night. Such a good kid.

No big plans this weekend which is kind of nice.

What will you be doing?

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Sat, 06-29-2013 - 7:28pm

Oh how I miss summer breaks. I know she's not off the entire summer, but I'm still jealous. Even though my vacation is so close I can taste it. :)

VERY hard couple of weeks here with the move. Took an entire week to fully get everything out of the old house -- the movers did the bulk of it, but we had much left to pack, so probably another 6 or so trips in the car over the course of the week due to schedules being what they are.

Then, this house. <Sigh> A/C totally didn't work well. Didn't cool at all during the day. 6 trips from HVAC in the course of 11 days, finally yesterday it was finished. First we got a new condenser outside, then yesterday we got a new air handler. Neither of which I think was necessary, but the dx for the problem wasn't the correct one (an independent HVAC we had come out said it was the heat/cooling switches were working concurrently due to being fused somehow). Yesterday the house was up to 100+ -- it only records double digits, and I think the guy said it was 101. Prior to that, days were up to 86. So, unpleasant.

Right now we're sitting at 78 in spite of the thermostat being set to 68 -- but, it's 106 outside right now (!!!) and we don't have a radiant barrier in the attic. So, this is going to be the best we can do on these 100+ days. I'll take it. Because 80something isn't ever going to be ok.

And, the old landlord is totally off his rocker. Said the house was non-smoking (wasn't, and I have the proof) and that he's charging us for painting (he has a painting business, kill me). Also something about the yard (that was dead due to the drought when we moved in) and a laundry list of other things. So, waiting to see how all of that shakes out. What an evil little man. Did our best to get out of the house quickly so he could get it set to sell, paid the entire month of June even though we only occupied it for half the month... just very upsetting. But I know that bad begets bad, so he'll surely get his just desserts one way or another. I really try not to wish him bad things but I do wish he'd just stop being such a mean, lying man. That's all.

Anyhoo. Slowly getting upacked. House starting to feel like home.

Zo now has 7 teeth!! Went from 4 to 7 almost overnight. Is standing without help/support more and more, and I know it's coming soon that she'll be walking on her own. She has the sideways walk perfected, and also has started walking forward with help. So. 11 months old on Monday. Doesn't seem possible. I'll have to take some pics -- haven't in a while. Too occupied with everything else I guess.

Boys are loving summer break, helping a lot with Zo while Libby is in class. Her class ends on the 3rd, my last day of work before a 12 day long vacation!!! I'm so excited. We're going to hit unpacking the garage hard. I hope Goodwill is ready. I'm not keeping much, as God as my witness!! LOL!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Stay cool!! Smile

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Sat, 06-29-2013 - 8:28pm

I've been wondering about you, sounds like you have gotten so much done already! That is a mess about the air conditioning; you absolutely have to have that. Glad it is going now! (106 degrees has me cringing - mercy.)

Zo is a cruising and biting girl now, huh? Love it!

Hmm, it'll be interesting to see how far your landlord is going to push - hope he gets a life and leaves you alone!

12 days of vacation, excellent. I'm excited for you!!

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