Finally Friday

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Finally Friday
Fri, 08-16-2013 - 12:47am

Finally. Dave thought Thursday was Friday all day so he is pretty irritated to have to go to school "6 days in a row," LOL. We have all done it.

We had a birthday party for the dog yesterday if you can believe it. They said she would live 10-12 years when we adopted her as a pup. She just turned 14 which is 98 in dog years and has had a few health problems along the way so I bought party hats for everyone. We destroyed a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cake (not on my diet but I'm down 8 lbs so why not), and Mandy had a slab of ham with a candle in it. The kids were tickled which was fun.

Matt is back from his trip to the mountains with his buddies. He saw some gorgeous waterfalls and took long hikes. He said the cabin was great so it was a definite success. I wonder if he knows how lucky he is?

He is missing his first psychology class today because he forgot to clear his college school schedule with his manager at work. DH reminded him like 6 times so I could just smack him. I asked Matt to email the instructor and at least get the syllabus, assignments, and promise not to do it again. Here we go...

Saturday is book club and dinner out for me. We are doing two books since our fearless leader/neighbor/librarian was at the National Down Syndrome conference in DC last month (her middle child and only boy has DS). I finished the July book and have 4 hours left in the August book according to the trusty Kindle so I'll make it. Phew! One girl who just RSVP'd admitted she hasn't had time to read either one, but I don't like to hear to hear the discussions until after I read and decide things for myself - too many spoilers otherwise and I don't want to be swayed one way or another, not that they probably could, HAHAHA.

What are you doing this weekend?

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