Finally Friday

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Finally Friday
Fri, 09-06-2013 - 2:05am

Another weekend is here, amazing. DH is going back to his parents' house in the mountains for 3 days to finish removing a huge magnolia tree from the property. His sis and her hubby are going too so they will have fun, but honestly I think they should hire a service. There is a local family member who does tree removals for a living and works cheap. It would be so much safer and they certainly have the money, but no one listens to me. It is irritating that DH can volunteer this way after sitting on his rump for 3 straight days of Labor Day weekend while we have a toilet dripping all over the bathroom floor and the lawn needs aerating, but there is no talking sense into this weirdo. The kids and I will enjoy the weekend regardless, but if DH gets hurt I am definitely going to kill him.

On Friday, Katie has a teacher workday off from school so I have charged her with REALLY AND TRULY cleaning her room before I take her over to visit her beau (who has been here every day this week, lol). My friend's mom is coming over in the morning to help me clean the rest of the house. She only charges $10 an hour and motivates me to straighten this house up, especially when I see it through her eyes. Huge bargain!

I have a bunch of errands to run including taking an old computer and microwave to the recycling center on the outskirts of town, going to the vet to refresh Mandy's steroid supply, dropping stuff off at Goodwill, etc. I also have a stack of bills to pay before they come looking for us, but after that it should be smooth sailing. I made two cakes today and sent one to the neighbor who helped install the new microwave. I wish DH and I were more "handy" because stuff isn't going to break less frequently as the years pass, KWIM?

Anyway, what are you up to this weekend?

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