Finally Friday

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Finally Friday
Thu, 11-21-2013 - 7:06pm

Nothing exciting happening this weekend as far as I know, just cleaning the house, grocery shopping, keeping the offspring happy - the usual.

Oh no, there is one thing. I am going to see Catching Fire (the second Hunger Games movie). I read all three books so I'm a huge fan, just call me an overgrown kid, LOL.

What are you doing this weekend?

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Fri, 11-22-2013 - 1:02pm

Not much here either....hopefully getting over this cold!!!!  Laying low and keeping my fingers crossed the boys don't catch it!  They are at grandma's school was P/T conferences.  Riley is doing wonderful, Dylan is doing okay...still struggling with his reading/writing, but we just continue to keep working on it!!  Math is coming to him pretty easy though!!  So that's a plus!!  We had a dusting of the white stuff over night....I guess it's inevitable...given where we live!!  :)

Happy Moving going!!! 


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Sat, 11-23-2013 - 10:47am

Hey ladies! Been forever since I've been around.

Libby saw Catching Fire the night before it was released (I guess a lot of theaters do that anymore?) -- she loved it. I've not read the books, but everyone keeps telling me I need to. Someday, when I have time. LOL! Forget me seeing a movie in a theater. That's just not my life right now, HAHA.

We've got to get out this weekend and get fixin's for T'giving day. Will's birthday is the day after, so I need to see what kind of cake he wants. He's spending the night with his friends that night, and informed me that friend's parents cannot afford to put on a party, so we'll be getting some Papa Murphy's enough to feed a ton of teens, some junk food, sodas. I think it would be cheaper to offer to pay for their T'giving dinner and then the kids could have leftovers. Wink Also need to get his hair cut, so we'll do that today. It's cold and wet, so this will be fun. I'm glad it's a bit chilly (we've had seriously warm weather lately; bothers me every fall when it's 80 here and 40 everywhere else). The rain though. Blech!

Hubs has been really sick the past almost 3 weeks. He's finally starting to become well. Began with a raging strep infection that came on almost overnight (urgent care wanted to admit him to hospital because his vitals were scary, but he wouldn't go- he did stay home for 3 days though, which is a miracle in itself). He's on his 3rd antibiotic, a serious one, and miracles of miracles has a doctor of his own now who has ordered a ton of bloodwork (because he's not seen a doc in 30 years). He had an echocardiogram and throat ultrasound on Thurs, and has a CT scheduled for Tuesday because urgent care found a spot on his lung during his second trip to them when he didn't improve with a few different meds (which he fought me on going, dangit). So, we'll see what that's all about before too long I hope.

Libby had a thyroid scare a while ago -- we were all sick and I made her go to her doc to make sure she didn't have bronchitis (she was given an antibiotic because she was feeling so poorly), and doc noticed a node on her thyroid. Bloodwork led to meds and also to an ultrasound, and that revealed a 5cm node. That led to the endocrinologist visit, and that led to a biopsy. It came back ok, but she's higher meds now (only slightly more) and we'll see how long it takes to get her levels to where they should be. Her endo is taking over managing this, so that's a good thing. PCPs are great, but not for the special stuff.

Libby and I have a cold, bad ones, thanks to Zo (who is fine now, of course), and we'll probably both have to be seen eventually for it once it turns into bronchitis. I'm due -- last time it never went beyond a cold.

Jake had his first ever straight A report card (but then a couple Bs with his As -- it's been a LONG time since I've posted I guess!!).  Has new friends at his new school, spends a lot of time with them. So that's nice.

Zo is almost 16m now (wow!!) and is still a fun, sweet girl. She's learned how to get onto the couches and ottoman now, so I'm in a constant state of panic. You know these floors being so hard. But, she gets better at it every day. Still a roly-poly chunk. But, she's in the 97th percentile for height so the doc has backed off a bit. She's just a foodie and hopefully she'll slim as she gets older. She's not eating cheetos and candy, so what can I do?

Work has picked up a lot, we're especially busy this time of year because everyone has a budget to spend before the end of year (this is true every year),  and of course everyone wants studies before Christmas (also true every year). But we love busy. There's talk of actually making a profit this year -- which may translate to a nice bonus. We'll see.

Finished Christmas shopping this week. Will put up the tree next weekend, and promptly be sick of it, LOL. Have to put it in the dining room so baby cannot get it. She gets everything.

That's our long update. Will try to get around more often once things settle down around here. Hope everyone is well. I'll try to go through the board this weekend and see what you've been up to!

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Sat, 11-23-2013 - 11:19pm

Mary, Feel better and I do hope the boys don't catch it. Boo, snow! Ha, like that'll help but I do try.

Brie, It's about time. I've been thinking about you the past few weeks. Yay for Jake's grades and Will's Bday!

Sorry to hear about the sickness stuff, ugh. I hope the lung spot proves to be nothing, keep us posted! Glad Lib's thyroid is okay. I have a (now) smallish thyroid covered in nodules, but the endocrinologist says that is how he wants it since it's stable. Okay then. I take 150 mcg of levothyroxine per day and 10 mcg of Cytomel. Doses have been the same for a couple years. Target loves to see me heading toward the pharmacy (oh, why don't I own a pharmacy?).

I love hearing about the baby! My neighbor is having a girl in March which is fun. Glad to hear to doc is easing up on you about her weight. She looks perfect to me.

I can't believe you have your Xmas shopping done! I am green with envy.

Happy turkey day and don't be a stranger!!!

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