Finally Friday

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Finally Friday
Fri, 08-29-2014 - 12:52am

Today Katie sees her therapist - a good thing. She hasn't been hanging out with her "good" friends for a long time, but she hasn't even been hanging out with her "bad" friends either. I'm happy about that because she isn't getting illicit substances, but I'm sad that she isn't getting any socialization. That would make anyone depressed to stay in their bedroom 24/7. UGH. This too shall pass.

DH was supposed to go see his parents this weekend to paint their garage, but now he says he may have a "fantasy football" meeting and have to reschedule. OKAY... Whatever. I just told him to tell me what he is doing once he knows. I will be taking the Littles to the pool a lot, and of course I have to work on Sunday and Monday evenings so "same old, same old" for me. (People get sick or hurt, and need their reports transcribed even on holidays!)

Matt had talked about coming home briefly, but they have a fraternity rush thing tonight so he is staying at school. His dad and I never did that so it might get interesting (the closest I came to greek life was being a member of the Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society for a high GPA. I remember a lot of studying and a little bit of pizza after the meetings, LOL). If I know Matt, his experience will include a lot of beer and a little bit of studying after the meetings.

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