Finally Friday - a long story

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Finally Friday - a long story
Fri, 04-11-2014 - 1:40am

So Claire and Katie went to soccer practice on Tuesday, waited around for 15 minutes while I was working, only to find out that it had JUST been called off because the fields were too wet from the rain 36 hours prior. Sigh. It would really be nice if the officials could check BEFORE the kids were fully dressed out and at the field!

Claire is tracked out so she had nothing better to do, lol. Kate also isn't doing anything and was happy to have her 10 bucks in payment so it was all good. Practice is re-scheduled for today at 6 pm so I can go since it is my day off. The big drama will be tomorrow...

(It may seem boring Mary, but remember your nieces-to-be and future granddaughters so this info may come in handy someday.) Yell

Claire had her ears pierced in mid December for her 10th bday, all went well and we kept the holes clean. I had my ears pierced one time only when I was 13. I leave my earrings out for months at a time since I work at home and "no one" sees me -- still have holes there when I get "dressed up" so I didn't think twice about telling Claire to take a break one night when her ears seemed kind of "goopy." We cleaned the ears real well... The next morning, the holes had closed over. Katie said duh, they would have closed in less than an hour...

I didn't know!!

I'd purchased the "insurance" with the original piercings so we went back to the mall and they put Claire's earrings back in, but they screwed up on the placement on one side so she has had her ears pierced 5 times for 2 holes. My poor little child. She was a trooper and looks great. Done for life, right?

Well, they are "new" earrings and she has a game on Saturday and the "rule" is NO JEWELRY. I swear this never occurred to us when any of the piercings occurred, but I do vividly recall a referee making a darling girl cry a couple of years ago when he spotted her earrings and insisted they go. Dad trotted onto the field and plucked them out, don't know if the holes closed.

I purchased the $5 "athletic tape" at Dick's Sporting Goods and a $5 headband to cover the posts, but we really can't take the stupid things out. Please cross your fingers we get an informed referee who will accept the precautions?!

I transcribe medical reports every day so we understand the dangers of sports and jewelry; the kid is ready to play and we will deal.

Or sit on the bench this season.

It should be interesting, but I detest drauma. I asked DH to ask coach at the practice before last and he ACTUALLY did, but the coach didn't have a clue what would happen on Saturday...


So Saturday, Dave definitely has a soccer game and Claire might.

Saturday night I invited Danny's Dad and Danny's little brother (age 15) over for the evening to eat and learn a fun card game that my family has played for years.

What are you doing this weekend?

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Fri, 04-11-2014 - 10:04pm

Beak out!! Cool Sounds like a great weekend.

Danny's grandma has invited Katie over for a visit, but she's grieving, hasn't gone back to work or anything yet. I'm working on her...

Hope you have a great weekend too!

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Fri, 04-11-2014 - 3:57pm

Wow...that is a long story...Ha!  Holy pierced ear problems...poor claire!  I'll definitely keep this in mind for future nieces and grandbabies!!!  Hope it all goes well and they let her play, I think it would be different if she had hoops in, but with stud earrings, it should be fine and you have taken the precautions with the tape and headband!!  Way to go Mom!

Tonight Dylan is going to Rio 2 with a friend, tomorrow is baseball and soccer both indoors yet as it's not quite outdoor sports weather here!!  Saturday late afternoon, my BIL and SIL are coming over and we are going to dye Easter eggs and have pizza and drinks.  Should be fun.  Sunday is catch up on laundry, cleaning and stuff!!

So nice of you to have Danny's family over.  How is Katie doing?

TGIF!!!!  Have a great weekend!

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