Hey guys.............

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Hey guys.............
Wed, 11-26-2003 - 9:04am
I'm back.............long story short, my dad had a heart attack and then..............our whole family took turns being sick! Let's just say it's been a LONG and tough month!!

Wanted to let you all know I am still around, just haven't been on the computer much!



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Amie Choiniere
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Wed, 11-26-2003 - 10:12am

I'm sorry you had to go through that! Is your dad OK? How scary! Lucky you can be there with him.

As for sick family, I know. My 3 month old has Amonia! I'm waiting for my older son to get it, he's had it 3 times this year already! He has asthma and a cold onsets it. I need to see what I can do to avoid it. But he's already coughing, and we went to the dr and he was fine, but it usually turns into something else. sigh. I hate to see my boys not feel well. :-(

Anyway! We're glad you're back!


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Thu, 11-27-2003 - 9:20am
I hope every one is recovering well! Glad you're back.

- K.C.