Manic Monday

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Manic Monday
Sun, 11-17-2013 - 11:21pm

Matt flipped out again with Time Warner Cable tonight regarding the turnaround time for his online XBox games so we have a guy coming at 6 pm. We have the preferred [Signature Home] package (where we give everything we have over to them in return for supposedly smooth service). It should be interesting since both Matthew and DH have been fretting lately, and DH is only referring to Internet...

Katie is training with Macaroni Grill as a hostess. She is excited and I am relieved to have this 18-year-old child working...

Her boyfriend swore he was joining the Marines right after high school in July until he went to his first 3-hour screaming 'Sir, Yes Sir' session. Now he isn't so convinced. All right then. He may still do it. I'm glad he is thinking about it though. (Anyone just tuning in might be interested to know that my dad was an officer in the Marine Corps but died when I was 5 months old. Vietnam will always make me cry since that is where it happened.)

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