Manic Monday

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Manic Monday
Sun, 06-22-2014 - 1:24am

My fabulously zippy (core i7) Toshiba laptop gave me a message that something is majorly wrong with the hard drive that isn't even half full and I should back up my files "immediately." 13,000 to go out of the 70,500 files on my PC. Yikes, I don't want to lose any digital pics of my babies -- that is for darn sure! The majority of them haven't been printed and cannot be replaced. And my boss is going to be cranky if it crashes and I miss some shifts... UGH. Honestly, I've never missed a day since I started, even with all the drama of Danny getting killed in February and Katie's subsequent depression. Just hate the stress of the unknown. If I go MIA for a bit, assume that the laptop did croak as predicted and I'm fine. I went ahead and ordered a new laptop tonight, but it'll take a good week or more to get here. DH won't be amused at the expense and I can't blame him.

If I can get this computer fixed for a fair price, I will give it to Katie (on the assumption that she is going to go back to college at some point and will need one for homework). If they want to charge an arm and a leg, then I'll let it go and get her a new laptop down the road. Gosh, it never ends, but I have to have a reliable computer to work and stay in touch with you! Wink

So this week: It's Claire Bear's last week of 4th grade. Holy smokes! She caught a bad cold, hopefully she still did okay on her end-of-year testing. This will mostly be a party week, we have presentations the parents have to attend - field day - ice cream sundaes - electronics day. I hope she can shake the sick so she's up for it.

What are you doing this week?

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