Need ADVICE from WAHM's !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Need ADVICE from WAHM's !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sat, 10-04-2003 - 9:51pm
Hi all the WAHM's:

I currently work out of a home office/bedroom as i own a small business. and right now we are TTC #1. The question myself & my DH have is as follows:

What do people do out there to schedule in working from home? I know people with school age kids can do work when kids are in school, but what do folks to with infants? I want to continue my business as to not lose traction I have made, and I probably will have to slow down significantly to about 10-15 hours/week.

Here are some options Im thinking of, any advice out there?

A) Hire an Operations mngr/assistant to do work for me about 10-15 hours/week (administrative,sales, marketing, packaging etc..) and pay them a small hourly fee so I can be with baby more and then I would do about 4-6 hours work myself/week.

B) Hire a nanny/babysitter about 10-15 hours to watch the baby,while I do the work myself.

C) Do the work myself w/ no help: The real question here is how much work can I realisitcally expect to get done with the baby in the next room? Are you exhausted and when baby naps its all you can do to prepare dinner take a shower & clean up or do you relaly have pockets of 2-3 hours/time to get things done etc...Is it possible to do this myself (and actually get real work done)Or should I do either A) or B)

d) The thing that makes this a wierd decision is that we dont rely on my income (which is fortunate) to live, so it looks like I will have to figure out what to do factoring this in as well. (for example, if the costs in getting an assistant or nanny, exceed the revenue from the business) Hopefully that wont be the case, but I just started it and it will take time to get going & get revenues up. Just wanted to be fully honest here.

I really need some good advice b/c I dont know anywone with a home business / infant? Anyone out there can help me out with the best course of action?

Thanks, Janie

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Sun, 10-05-2003 - 8:03am
I would say, at this point, play it by ear. My daughter slept so much when she was first born, that I was able to get tons of work done then. I was nursing her, and I even became adept at doing business on the phone while nursing. However, sometimes, I would just let it go to voice mail, because there's also something to be said for uninterrupted time with your baby. She continued to be a really good napper, but as naps shortened, that's when it became more difficult to get work done. By 15 months, we put her in part-time daycare (3 days/week) so I could get more done. I had been doing a lot of work after she went to bed, which cut into my time with DH. I'm also proud to say that we're not TV parents...I don't stick my daughter in front of a TV or a movie so that I can get work done. That's another reason we put her in part-time daycare. They didn't show movies or anything there, and would rather her have social interaction than me resorting to other tactics just so I could say I was a WAHM.

A lot of it depends on your business, and whether you have to be available 9-5, or whether there is some flexibility. My business has some flexibility. It's tough, but I look back now and say that I'm proud I've made it through 3 years of successfully balancing work and motherhood. Now she is in pre-school, so I have a lot more free time during the day. Good luck!

-- Joy

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Sun, 10-05-2003 - 9:23am
Hi Janie, first of all, best wishes on TTC!!

Joy gave you some excellent advice. I personally have two school-age children, but am considering a third, so this topic has definately come up. I think hiring a babysitter/nanny or paying an excellent daycare center for 10-15 hours a week would be my choice. When it comes to my business, I like it how I like it! If I hired outside help, I'd have to spend time checking over the completed work, and spending time away from my family anyway. But having childcare that I'm comfortable with would enable me to do the work I need to get finished, and be done with it! I'm hope you find what works for your family! Best of luck!

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Mon, 10-06-2003 - 7:31am
Good luck TTC!! It's good that you're thinking about this early. You will have time to build up your business so what you decide now may change. Just be flexible. That said here's my experience.

I decided to quit my job when I had my first child. Partly because I didn't want him to be in daycare with 10 other kids and not getting one-on-one care. I tried to do a Pampered Chef business but it was difficult. When he was newborn he would sleep and eat nonstop. I was nursing and he had reflux so I ended up holding him almost all day long. This is why you have to be flexible. ;-) My income wasn't important to the family so I ended up stopping my business activity.

Then I had #2. When she was 6 months old I decided to try a different business, Usborne Books. I was only able to put minimal hours in because my first-born, now 3, needed the same amount of attention as before. My daughter did take long naps and if not for my son I could have gotten 4-6 hours of work in each day. Ultimately we decided that I needed someone to watch the kids so that I could work. Once we weighed all the options we decided that the best option for our family was to bring an au pair into our home. And that's where we are right now. I'm trying to ramp up my business.

Hope that helps some,


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Sat, 10-11-2003 - 2:56pm
depending on the flex in your business you can break up your day. you know learn your babys schedual and go with it so even if you do cut down to like 15 hours p/w thats like 3 hrs p/d and that shouldnt be to hard to work around your baby even if you have to move the swing into the office. well i hope this helps. I have 7 mos old and a 26 mos old and it works out great for me. It also helps, well depending on your job if you can schedual certain activities for certain times;


10 am -11 am : phone calls

1pm -2pm : admin work

6pm-7pm: follow ups/ training

Good Luck


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Thu, 10-23-2003 - 1:27pm

Some great ideas that all of these women have. I dont want to reapeat anything, But my suggestion would be to look into having a maid come in a couple of times a week. This way you can spend that time you need on the things that are really inportant. In my work it is fairly flexible and I am only out of office/home some weekends, but I found that having someone else cleaning gave me tons of time and where I live it was cheaper to get someone in cleaning rather then babysitting. Plus I HATE cleaning!!

Something to think about


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Thu, 10-30-2003 - 7:45am
Hi there...

I used to sell Avon for a while and Tupperware too, but it wasn't working with me. Needed more flexibilty to work in my schedule at home with family... So, I gave that up and have took to the different websites to help give me some spending money.

And, most of all I can work my own hours and be there for my family.

So far they have been paying well for me.

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Fri, 10-31-2003 - 4:38pm
Hi Janie! I'm a lurker, but thought I'd drop by and visit this board because I'm a WAHM with an infant - Jacob Paul was born 9/17/03 via emergency C-section. I'm trying to figure all this out, too, as I run my own public relations consulting firm - a one-person shop. So hopefully I'll have it all figured out soon, lol!