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Tuesday Trivia
Tue, 08-20-2013 - 12:08am

This is unbelievable and completely new territory. DH helped more when I worked, now not nearly as much and I understand because he is stressed enough. Meanwhile the kids are much bigger and messier. They help a little, but can't keep up with themselves any more than I can. I manage the house, straighten up after them and the 5 pets, vacuum, sweep, clean, do all the grocery shopping and clothes shopping, pay the bills, yada yada. You already know. Why tell you?

Anyway, I was at book club the other night (loved it!) and mentioned having enjoyed dozens of books this year since I'm unemployed, but meanwhile my house is disorganized and since I'm an incompetent housekeeper... I have no right to read until it's tidy.

They disagreed which is weird. Our fearless leader (a librarian who is now a SAHM) has a fairly local mother who cleans houses at a ridiculously reasonable rate, and one of the other members was bragging about how great her house looks now (she's a single mom with two boys, a dog and two cats) so I said why not. Bring her on!

Suddenly this Friday - for the first time in the 25 years I have been out in the world on my own - there is help coming (queue the fanfare).

Should I be ashamed to say I potentially have a twice-a-month bargain of a maid (AKA family of a friend) who is willing to help a domestically-challenged bookworm with 4 kids who is over her head, or should I be ashamed to be an accidental SAHM who may shell out money for services I should have already rendered for free?

Say what you think. I already feel guilty... and hopeful... and guilty. My first kid is in his first semester of college so our expenses are not getting smaller until Big D marries a generous movie star 20 years from now, haha.

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