Hello from a newbie!

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Hello from a newbie!
Tue, 09-19-2006 - 10:56am

Hello everyone! My name is Amy and I've been a lurker here for a while. I am Mom to Declan, my 8 month old son. I have just found a business that I think is going to be a good fit for me, so I'm just beginning the process of trying to be a wahm - I welcome any and all advice :) Since I am a single mom, I will have to stay at my full-time job till I get the wahm thing off and running. Are there any other single moms out there that have been successful in becoming a wahm?

I can't wait to get to know all of you!


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Tue, 09-19-2006 - 1:10pm

Hi there Amy,

I worked full time when I started my Usborne Books business, took it to shortened hours (I kind of fibbed to my boss and said it was child care issues that made it so I couldn't come in until 10:00 AM - in a way it was... I didn't want to pay child care anymore... it was really so I could make and go on appointments). I then had baby number 3 and did the math - going back to work was just as expensive as working outside of the home - I only 'needed' to make about 1/4 of what I was making at my 'job' to break even so here I am.

It can be done.

Great to have you here.

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