Hi-Striving to be a WAHM

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Hi-Striving to be a WAHM
Mon, 10-10-2005 - 7:49am

Hello all-
I am not yet a WAHM, but I am working very hard towards it. I have two children , 3 years and a 4 month old, and a peanut on the way (due June/2006).
I am currently an advanced MS Access developer and consultant for a fortune 500 company. But even with a fantastic job...3 small children in daycare is alot of money! Luckily advanced MS Access developement is something in high demand that you can do on a freelance basis from websites like Guru.com. I have only done one freelance job but I am going to take on some small ones while still working ft to build up my references.

I am also an Ebay seller. I sell used clothing that I pick up from rummage sales, thrift stores, and I also have a designer used clothing wholesale distributer. I have only been selling for three weeks, but I have made a profit of $150.00 a week. I think that's pretty good for just starting out. I think it helps that I am very computer saavy with things like photos, html, and websites. Also I built my own inventory and accounting database so I was able to start listing auctions in mass right away with everything being tracked. I hope to become a power seller by the time my peanut arrives next summer.

Just wanted to drop in, say hi, introduce myself and share my story.


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Mon, 10-10-2005 - 1:29pm
Hi, Sarah! It's great to meet you


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Tue, 10-25-2005 - 12:52am

Hi Sarah,

Since my DSL was down, I'm a bit behind on catching up with all the introductions! Welcome to the board!

I know that IT consulting is a great field, albeit competitive, and it's good to know that there's a lot of demand out there for your specialty! I'm sure that having a background with a Fortune 500 company will be great for your CV, too!

Ebaying is such a great way to bring in a paycheck, too... I'm so tempted to get into it, myself! When I hear some of the stories from successful eBayers (one lady from my playgroup talks about $10k months), I just want to jump right in!

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