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Hello, Shannon and WELCOME to the board! You're SO lucky that you still have a "Napper" in your home - that's all I have to say!!! Mine are 6 and 3, and although my 6yo is in school all day, my 3yo hasn't napped in almost a year, so I don't have that "down time" anymore. I usually just let him play in the basement with me (ours is finished, and that's where my "office" is) while I work, and I make phone calls at night when DH is home and I can't be interrupted. I sometimes do some work after they go to bed, so that's always an option, but I try not to do too much or stay up too late - it wrecks me for the next day! Best of luck to you and I hope things continue to go well for you!

Oh, and I'm Cathy, wife to John (9 years in June!) and mommy to Ryan (6) and Aidan (3) in the Phila, PA, suburbs, and I'm a Pampered Chef Independent Kitchen Consultant.

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