Introducing myself

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Introducing myself
Mon, 03-27-2006 - 3:04pm
My name is Jennifer and I am a Sahm to a one year old in Sunny Florida.
I like to scrapbook, putter around in my yard, and spend loads of time with my DD and
DH. I have been selling stuff on ebay with great success( either stuff I owned or picked up at garage sales). I am looking to expand into creating this as a business. I have been doing tons of research by reading the internet, talking with other ebayers, and doing a cost analysis. The only part I am having trouble with in finding a reputable wholesale list. I am looking to sell baby gear, baby clothes or scrapbooking materials. I prefer to ship on my own rather than use a dropshipper. If anyone could direct me to some websites with reputable wholesalers, I would appreciate. I look forward to continuing to post on this board and getting to know other members. HAve a great day!!
Jennifer N.




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Mon, 03-27-2006 - 4:27pm
Welcome to the board Jennifer.