Let me introduce myself

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Let me introduce myself
Tue, 10-17-2006 - 10:26am
I am new here and this is the only message board I belong to. I guess I am looking for advice and friendship! I have 3 different home business in mind, all of which would suit me and my family very well. My ideas are as follows: Dog treat baker, year round flea market or Gift shop (I would consign hand-crafted items from local artists). I love to bake, live on a farm and adore the Victorian era and antiques in general. I am able to do all three right from home. If you have any suggestions, please share! Thank you, everyone!
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Wed, 10-18-2006 - 3:14pm


Those are all


~ ~ Follow your passion!:&n

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Thu, 10-19-2006 - 5:18am

Welcome to the board - those all sound great!

Have you tested the market in them? I know that here craft shows and markets go year round but I remember when I lived in colder climates that they were not always running.

Would you also sell the consigned items online with either eBay or other auction sites? Just curious.

Again - welcome to the board. Chime in whenever you like :-)

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Sat, 11-04-2006 - 12:07pm

I see those really cute dog cookies in the pet store I shop at. If I had a dog I would buy one every time I went in.

When I saw that you might do that I was thinking of when I worked they would ship out fancy cookies or chocolates to our house for our Birthday. What about getting fancy boxes and shipping out dog cookies? I would buy a small box for my step moms dog. I bet they would get a kick out of that. He normally snubs dog snacks unless they are special...lol. Okay, maybe my idea is out there but I don't know of another business that specializes in something like that.