May I ask a favor?

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May I ask a favor?
Thu, 06-04-2009 - 2:16pm

I need some help.

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Fri, 06-05-2009 - 1:00pm

I can't be brutal because it looks

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Sat, 10-17-2009 - 6:46pm


I believe you and I met on another board here on iVillage. Your site is GREAT. Businesses are built one customer at a time. I'm not sure how long you've been in business or how you're marketing, but my suggestion is you work on how to get ONE..yep just one customer. Then work on getting a second customer. This is how all businesses are built.

I was downtown the other day and smiled when I saw the owner of a restaurant I love. This is now his 2nd location. I remember eating there on day 2 and the place was empty. He was selling burgers and I truly didn't know if he'd make it. I mean c'mon how do you compete with McDonalds and Burger King?

I was probably customer number 10 LOL. I loved the place and kept coming back. It's now been 5 years and as I said I went and gave him a hug when I saw him serving customers at his new 2nd location.