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Thu, 01-19-2006 - 2:33pm

Hi there, I don't know if I have posted before or not. If I have it was a while back. Anyway let me tell you a little about myself.

I used to work for a company that turned into a corprate store. They were not listening to their employees or their customers so I didn't feel right working for them, so I quit. Now I am a SAHM that wants to work from home. I can usually type fast if I don't feel pressured, or taking a "test". I have a 6 year old in 1st grade and a 2 year old.

I was wondering if anyone works for momexecs and if you could tall me anything about it. Since I know ivillage is strict, here is my email addy so you can give me more info. :

I am just wondering what there is out there for me. I have my small business management diplomia and I am not afraid to work.


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Fri, 01-20-2006 - 6:48am


Sorry, I've never heard of them.

Have you tried freelancing? Hit and

Good luck!

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Sat, 01-21-2006 - 9:58am

I think it's part of Melaluca.

Typing jobs are competitive. If you want a job, really unless you have tons of specialized experience, your best bet is telemarketing. Otherwise you may want to look into a biz with a low start-up.

Best of luck,


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Sat, 01-21-2006 - 2:34pm

If you no one has explained to you already...I'd be happy too! Just let me know... :)