New here-and my job

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New here-and my job
Tue, 10-03-2006 - 12:21am

I just saw an invite from another IV board so I thought I'd come over to post a bit! I'm Stephanie, DH Scott, and DS-Alex who will be 2 at the end of December. When I first went back to work after having Alex I cried all the way to work for like the first 3 months. It got better but I realized that I so wanted to stay home with him. This last May my FIL asked me if I would like a SAH job, part time. At that time I was working a PT job but still looking for something else or one FT job. FIL is a deputy with our sheriff's department and they were looking for another transcriber. They had one full time but she didn't want to do it anymore because doing it FT is basically working 24/7. Another sheriff's department employee's wife decided to do it but she wouldn't do it full time so that's how I got my at home job. It's not that hard of a job. They gave me a computer and a plat book to use. Basically I take turns with the other girl and I type every other week. Sometimes, with a toddler, it's hard because the reports get dictated towards the end of each shift-5-6am, 3pm and around 10pm so I have to type at those times. Our deputies prioritize them so some have to be done before court at 8am the next morning and some I can let go for a day or so. I average around 15-20 hours in two weeks so it's great for extra income. The only thing I really needed was high speed internet connection which we had anyway. I didn't even have to take any classes for it. They just had me do a quick test (like you would do in a HS computer class) to check to see how fast I can type. Besides having to get up early and go to bed late it's fun to hear different cases plus I can stay home and after 8am I don't really need to hurry up and work on anything. I just thought I'd let everyone know that if you have good typing skills that maybe your local law enforcement is in need of someone.

Besides this, I also work PT elsewhere but I would like to stay home all the time. It's just not an option right now. I'm also doing a medical transcription course through At Home Professions. They had a transcription seminar at one of our local hotels and my mom and I signed up. I have 36 mos to complete the course and they said that when I graduate, they'd help to find clients if I can't so that I will have something to start with. My mom would like to go into business but we'll see how it goes once we graduate. I just like the fact that I have some transcription experience already! I am finding, though, that the medical transcription is absolutely NOTHING like the sheriff's department. I think that's why it's a course! :) I can also do this course from home as well which is nice. I'm not too far along, ok there's 5 courses and since I started in April-ish I'm still working on the last 2 tests of my first course *blushes lol* but it's just finding the time. At least I can work at my own pace.

I was also thinking about selling pre-made scrapbooks and pages in my free time but with a toddler that went out the window fast lol!!

I hope to be a part of this board as I'm always looking for something to stay home with my son!!


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Tue, 10-03-2006 - 12:41pm

Welcome to the board Stephanie - what an interesting sounding job - I'm sure you type up some interesting things after the middle of the night shifts. I type about 75 WPM and spent some time working for lawyers and did a lot of transcribing of deposition notes - always some interesting things coming up.

I hope you find great support and friendship here on the board.

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Thu, 10-05-2006 - 2:40pm
Hi Stephanie!