Newbie here!!!

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Newbie here!!!
Tue, 11-14-2006 - 11:44am

Hi Ladies!

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IVF with ICSI #1 failed, Cycle #2

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Tue, 11-14-2006 - 8:15pm


Welcome to the board. I'm Ellie and I'm the CL here and I have a really good friend who does dog training for a living out of her home - she also boards dogs for folks when they're out of town. She has worked with animlas for years and also did a lot of animal training for TV and Movies when she lived in LA. I can ask her about options for getting started and getting 'trained' up to train animals. She's is rather upset that there is no national standarsds or certification in animal training and would like to see that but she is well 'trained' herself.

Good luck and again - welcome to the board.

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