Newbie here ... intro and Q's ...

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Newbie here ... intro and Q's ...
Thu, 01-26-2006 - 2:00am

Hi all. I'm new to this board ... and iVillage in a way ... I haven't been to the iVillage boards in YEARS and this new layout is completely ALIEN to me! LOL!. Way way WAY back I used to co-cl the Teen Pregnancy board.

Anywho ... (sorry I tend to ramble, especially when I'm flustered) ...

I just wanted to intorduce myself since I'm hoping to stick around for a bit. I'm also hoping that you gals can be of some help to me (suportive and informative and whatnot).

My name is Anneke (pronounced Anna-ka not Ann-eeek ... which everyone seems to think thank's to the misleading spelling) and I am a (27 y/o) single mom to three wonderful little boys. Isaiah is almost 9, Elijah is 6 and Declan is 2 and a half. :o)

Their father lives about 5 min.'s away but is pretty much non-exhistant in their lives. So obviously no support coming from him, financial or otherwise. We have been split for almost 2 years now (he was abusive, but that's a whole other story summarized by saying we are much better off now).

Soooo ... it's completely up to ME to raise these (lovingly nicknamed) "beastie boyz" right. And I want so desperately to be here for them every step of the way. I absolutely abhore the thought of having to put them into daycare so that (in my guilty way of thinking) someone else can raise my children. Which leaves me absolutely DESPERATE and DETERMINED to find a Stay At Home Job.

I have been looking around for what seems like forever ... and been scammed a few times recently because I was admitedly quick to jump without thinking first. So now that I am trying to be more careful I am left so unsure ...

What out there is a scam and what is legitimate? And how the heck am *I* supposed to know how to tell the difference? How do I keep myself from loosing any more money that I can NOT afford to loose? Not to mention TIME. I need to start bringing in money ASAP.

Aaaak! Help!

What kinds of jobs do you gals do? And (if you don't mind my asking) what kind of money do you generate from it, in what amount of time spent working? How long have you been working at these jobs and do you like it?

Also, (so I can be forewarned) have any of you been scammed too? And by which businesses?

Thanks in advance.


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Thu, 01-26-2006 - 6:41pm

Hi, and welcome. I just want to start out by saying a lot of what you're asking can't be posted b/c it might violate the terms of service of iVillage, so I can't really answer all of your questions. I can tell you that I am a Pampered Chef consultant, and have been doing it for 2.5 years. I make a commission based on the sales that I have each month, and I sell our products through home parties, catalog parties, funraisers and such. I do like it - if I didn't, I wouldn't still be in it. I loved the products, so for me, it was an easy decision to become a consultant.

That's definitely good advice for you, too - find something you enjoy (scrapbooking, cooking, jewelry, whatever) and then try to make it work for you as an at-home business. There are several Direct Sales companies already out there that you only need to pay a small startup fee to begin, but just make sure they're part of the Direct Selling Association, and check them out on the Better Business Bureau, too. I know people who have been able to replace their full-time outside the home income with their WAH jobs, but it took them several years and they worked their businesses hard, so I don't think it's something that you can realistically do if you're only working part-time, like I am. I only do about 1 show a week, so about 4-5 shows a month, which is plenty for me right now.

Like I said, take a look at what you enjoy doing, and what you are willing to do (anything outside the home? Or, only able to stay at home and work?), and then whittle down to what you would be willing to pay to start up.

Best of luck and let us know what you decide to do!


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Sat, 02-04-2006 - 8:20pm


I sell New and Used Clothing on Ebay.