Newbie Needs Home Bussiness Advise

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Newbie Needs Home Bussiness Advise
Thu, 08-17-2006 - 8:43am

Hi mom's,

I'm mayeida,

and sort of new to this community message board thing, not quite sure what to do, but here goes. Hope I don't sound foolish or anything like that. I'm the mother of 1 son but I have fostered 10 youngsters since 1995. I started a home based business in February for extra income and to pay off bills.

My business provides all kinds of high-tech electronic gadgets and tools we couldn't possibly live without, right?

You know cell phones, the Dish, VOIP phones, High-speed internet and Wellness stuff too and lots more...

Since starting though, I've had success in genorated lots of interest but no partners or customers. I had done everything possible short of giving away my products.

Like posting ads everywhere, mostly for free since I need to make money before I can spend it.

Right now, I'm at my wits end and thought some helpful but candid advise was in order from other woman in the home base business and in likeminded shoes. That could give me some pointers on what I maybe doing wrong and need to change.

Hope this wasn't to much at one time.

Anyway, glad to accept advice from all.

Thanks, mom's.