Newbie - scared to death...

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Newbie - scared to death...
Mon, 05-23-2005 - 4:17pm

Hi all! I have been a lurker for a while. I am currently a full-time worker in my household with DH making just slightly more than me. I am due in August with my first biological DS (Carter EDD 08/21) and I have a 6 year old DSD Bailey.

Come August I am going to be a SAHM/WAHM. I am scared to death. Mainly about what to do with my time, but also I am VERY worried about financials. Did you all experience this? On paper, we should be able to do it (I am going to freelance some, keep on other baby part time and Ebay etc...) but I am still so nervous about the upcoming future. THh only debt we have currently is our house.

Thanks in Advance for any advice you have!


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Mon, 05-23-2005 - 5:46pm
Hi, Angie! Welcome to the board! Well, it sounds like you've put a lot of thought into it, and I agree, it can be scary. To be honest, I don't "need" to work (luckily), but I choose to as something for me, and to have some extra "mad" money so that DH and I don't fight over me buying a pair of shoes! ;-) Anyway, I would definitely suggest keeping track of your spending for the next few months, and really scrutinize what you do. I'm sure you'll be able to see from doing that if you can afford to live on your DH's salary or not. Also, remember to take into consideration the cost of daycare, clothes, food, etc. for you for working outside the home. It is much more cost-effective to run a business out of your home since you don't need to buy lunch, wear suits, etc. Best of luck to you and keep us posted on how things go!

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Tue, 05-31-2005 - 9:06am

I have been a working mom since my little guy was born. I will be staying home last day is June 24th. I am really nervous because I have been working since I was 15. This will be a huge change for me.

I am not worried about what to do with myself I am more worried about finances so I can somewhat relate.

Good luck with your transistion! I hope it goes smoothly for you!


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Tue, 05-31-2005 - 9:45am

Hi Angie!

What you are feeling is normal. Do know that it won't necessarily be easy at first. You will have to make sacrifices. I experienced this most when my husband quit working for my dad to start his own biz. We had to depend on my wah income for a few months! Yikes!

The thing to do is focus on why you are making this change and the end results. Start putting in more time now so it won't be so scary financially when you stay home.

As for time wise, it comes. You'll need to figure out how much time you need to work and when


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