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Hi all~

I am new here and I have been looking for a WAH opp for a while now and was wondering if anyone out there could email me some info on WAH OPPS...I am not willing to PAY for a job-I have researched and found that if you are requested to pay for a job it usually is a scam so that is not an option for me. Please email me any ideas or opportunities that you may have-


Thanks so much


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HI there Angie - welcome to the board.

Be careful when asking people to e-mail you information it is against iVillage policy to solocit through e-mail and people who respond to you with WAH opportunities that way are in violation of the terms of service.

That said - what type of work are you looking for?

There are a lot of pepole here who operate their own home businesses - which often do include some basic start up fees. I sell Usborne books and my start up fees over a year ago ran just over $100 for my set of business materials and 33 books to use as my start up display kit. Pampered Chef, Partylites, Discovery Toys, MaryKay, Slubmber Parties, Passion etc. all have start up costs associated with them but this is not the same as those places that ask you to pay for a 'job'. Those guys are the scammers. Starting a home business is different than a work at home job as well.

eBay selling can be a great way to make some extra cash in order to get a start up business going. Its amazing what we all have in our homes that people are interested in buying.

If you are intersted in a busines there are a lot of great ones out there such as the ones I mentioned and more ideas can be found at If you are looking for a job from home with a company, salary, set hours etc. those are a lot harder to come by and are often people who have worked onsite for a firm and worked out a telecommute option. There are however jobs like transcription jobs that are real jobs once you put yourself through the training (which of course has a cost as well - but again not the same as paying for a job).

The best advice you will probably find here will have to do with finding out what your passion is. Do you think you could do direct sales? I love it but its not for everyone - if you do think you could do it, figure out what you would be the most passionate about and consider working with that... I love books for me and my kids so my choice was easy. I also love to cook and considered Pampered Chef but didn't see myself being 'as' passionate about that as the books so I figured out what would work for me.

If you don't think you could do direct sales figure out what your best skill set is and maybe some ladies here can help you capitalize on it... Are you crafty, do you sew, do you like to type? All good questions to figure out - that wahm site will give you even more info.

Hope that helps - and again - Welcome to the Board.

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Thanks so much for your reply.
I too love books and so do my kids- especially my daughter (very good reader) my son is only 5 but he also loves books-
Again, thanks for your reply- very helpful!